Sunday, December 24, 2006

Here comes Santa Claus!

So it's Christmas Eve.

Lewis and I will be spending it with his mom and dad. They have a tradition of eating pizza, wrapping presents, and hanging out on Christmas Eve. Being that I like all three, especially the first, I'm pretty stoked. They open presents Christmas morning and then have a breakfast. We are also supposed to have Christmas Dinner with them tomorrow night. Lewis' brother, sister-in-law, niece, and newphew will also be there.

We went over to his parents house on Friday for dinner. Afterwards, Nancy (Lewis' mom) asked me to help ice some cookies she had baked earlier. That was pretty fun since I had never done that. The woman makes her own frosting! But that should not surprise me since she bakes all the time and I have yet to taste anything that I didn't like.

She asked Dwayne (Lewis' dad) to take a picture since it was my first time to ice Christmas cookies. Can you believe that? I'm 30 years old and I barely iced my first cookie a couple of days ago. I told her that in my Mexican family, we didn't grow up icing cookies, but we did make tamales, buenuelos, and capirotara during the holidays. Buenuelos are like a flour tortilla that is fried and then sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon. Capirotara is wet soggy bread, with raisins and sugar, and some other crap. It's nasty. The cool thing with the cookies is that if you ice one and you don't like it, just eat it and make another one. ;)

I would LOVE to tell you what I got Lewis for Christmas but I think he reads this from time to time and I can't take the chance. He's gonna LOVE it. Like L-O-V-E it!!!! I'll write more on Monday and let you all know what it was and what else was gifted.

It seems the older I get the more I like the whole holiday season thing. As a kid, I remember getting a few presents, but they were always from my grandma, my aunts, or my Uncle Guad. Sometimes they were fun cool things, but other times they were necessities disguised as Christmas clothes. Blech, who wants clothes when they're 7?

My mom and dad were always working at the gin so Christmas was like any other day except we didn't have to go to school. Plus, I always felt guilty if I got anything, because I knew money had been spent that didn't have to be. I still feel that way sometimes, and occasionally feel guilty about getting a gift. My sister Karol has no problem accepting gifts, by the way. ;)

I'm getting better at accepting them, though. I love to give them and the feelings I get from it, and I am learning I can't deprive someone else of experiencing that same feeling.

Mom and Dad and April and Rick are spending Christmas in Anson. I wanted them to come to Amarillo, so Lewis and I could see them, too, but I don't think they are coming. We spent Thanksgiving with them, and Lewis and I went to Anson last weekend, so it's not like we haven't spent anytime with them. And I know we'll see them in January when Rick comes to Texas again and Karol and Brandon come from Chicago.

Hope everyone has a blessed holiday! Merry Christmas!

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