Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lists Are Good

New things with me:

1. I've been in Sacramento 4 times in the last month and will be there again this coming week.

1.5. I met a guy on the plane that lives in Chicago, but is currently working in Sacramento during the week. Hence, my working trips that overnight in Sacramento.

2. My weight has not budged in 2 months. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

3. I am a weenie and bought more sessions from Jesus the Trainer. Hey, at least it'll keep me skinny through the summer!

4. My GP emailed me out of the blue to see how I was doing since I hadn't been in his office in a while. How's that for customer service?

5. Remember when I mentioned the provisioner in PHX who yelled at me because I commented on his small feet? Well, I got reprimanded at work for calling him a butthole. I guess the truth isn't so pretty to some people. Next time I will use the word spinchter muscle to be more politically correct. And maybe next time, he won't yell at me.

6. I *think* I am mastering the art of dating. It's about frickin' time.

7. I am thinking of moving to Chicago. I've been debating it for a little over a month. It has nothing to do with a man. I've been there and done that when it comes to moving for the opposite sex. It's mainly because of commuting to work. Commuting (especially in the summer) sucks.

8. Remember those running shoes I mentioned a few months ago? Those with the bit of silver and plum? Well, I got another pair. But these were bought for me by a friend in Nashville since I couldn't find my size in St. Louis.

9. I like white shorts. They go great with tanned legs.

10. It cost me $35 to fill up my gas tank. I remember when it used to cost me less than $15.

11. I love Grape Propel. If you sliced me open, it would gush out of me.

11.5. I also love Sugar Free Red Bull. I have to drink one before I work out or else I feel lethargic. I think it may be a placebo effect.

12. Proof that TV marketing works: After seeing a commercial that said all you needed to order contacts online was the presciption on the side of the box, I ordered my contacts online at Super easy and cheaper, too!

13. I thought I was making my last car payment this month. I was wrong. I have another year to go.

14. My bra cup size is negative. If I had the money I would get implants. Really. But don't tell my mom.

14.5. I would make them small C's. I used to be very anti-breast augmentation, but I'd like to feel more feminine in the chest area. I'm practically concave, especially with me working out. I think I'm smaller than I was in HS.

15. I love going to baseball games.

16. A little girl cried so much on one of my flights this past week, I wanted to get one of the stir sticks with the hearts on the end and stab my eardrums out.

17. I am getting a beautiful paycheck in June for what I worked in May.

18. I'm not entirely convinced a girl and guy can be "just friends". I think one party always wants something to "develop".

19. I spent some time with my friend Mindy and her family over Memorial Day weekend. I met her at the gym and she's really cool. She has a nephew and niece who are a riot! And her mom makes this really good cucumber/onion/oil thing. Yum!

20. Since the break up (wow, it's been 18 months!), I've been forced to meet people on my own. I've quickly learned that just because you live in a "city", it doesn't mean you can be anonymous. I have been meeting people who know people I know or who know me through my ex-BF. It's beginning to feel like I have some roots here. Again, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.

21. My ex-BF called me a couple weeks ago. He said that "He's realized things". Too little, too late, buddy. But it puts a smile on my face that he knows the grass isn't always greener on the other side. And if it is, it's because of the fertilizer...and guess what that's made out of? *grin*

22. God is in charge. I'm doing better about accepting that. It's amazing what a person can do and become when they get rid of negative and harmful influences in their life.

Have a great week everyone!

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Casey said...

Nice post, it's good to hear about things happening to good people!