Saturday, May 27, 2006

Spirit Party Pics

Spirit Party was on Wednesday. I saw tons of people I hadn't seen in a while. My friend Mindy, whom I met at the gym, went with me. She's a local and I swear she knew more people at MY work party than I did! It was a good time.
Hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend is fun and safe. Pleae take a moment to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and pray for those who protect those freedoms today.
Patty is a flight attendant. She lives in Chicago, but is from NY. She was one of the girls I went skiing with in Tahoe. She's a good skier and I enjoyed doing runs with her.

My friend Manny. He is a ramper in San Diego. When I first met him 5 years ago, I told him I worked for Delta. Super nice guy AND he wears Cool Water because he knows I like it!

This is Lisa/Violet. She's a flight attendant, too. Pay no mind to the twin look. She's from NY, but now lives in Chicago.

This is my friend Kym. She's a flight attendant, too. She lives here in STL.

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