Monday, May 15, 2006

Be glad I didn't wait

I try to wait until something cool happens to blog here, but I'd be waiting forever. Nothing cool ever happens to me. So I write about the blahness of my life.

I was off this past weekend. I attended a bachelorette party on Saturday and I went to my first baseball game at the new Busch Staduim on Sunday.

The Bachelorette Party (BP) was interesting. I am so NOT a partier. I'd rather sit back in the wings and people watch. I left early because, honestly, it just wasn't my cup of tea. If/when I ever have a BP, I want something more along the lines of a day at the spa with my girlfriends, a nice dinner, and maybe end it with a slumber party or something. I don't want to get all crazy and wild.

The baseball game was fun. I went to it with a guy named Jeb who just happens to have grown up in West Texas. He totally knows the itty bitty town where I grew up. He has such great southern manners. Physically, he's not my type at all, but he was a lot of fun to hang out with. He gets my sense of humor and is very easy to talk to. He was also hankering for some decent Mexican food. It's pretty hard to come by in Muh-zur-ah. (That's how the locals pronounce it). No, I didn't cook for him. Instead we hit this Mexican place that someone had taken me to on a date before. It was mmm-mmm-good! Really nice guy. I think we'll be friends.

We lost our hockey game tonight. But we lost to that good team I mentioned before. We are way better than we were last session.

I'm working Wednesday thru Monday. But my trip get back early enough on Monday that I can still make the hockey game. Then I'm off for the rest of the month. The 24th is the Spirit Party. HUGE COMPANY PARTY in STL. I've never been to one before. It should be a good time with tons (like a couple of thousand) of people there. It's going to be at Anheuser-Busch and a great local band is going to play.

I'm off to finish my laundry. See what an exciting life I lead? *grin*


Chez Bez said...

Every post doesn't have to be fantastic and full of adventures or anecdotes...thankfully for me!

You write in the perfect spirit of blogging. Thanks for sharing.

(I'm taking my resume to Kinko's tomorrow and will hopefully apply to your airline within the week. I have been dragging my feet on this for too long. It's time to have some fun!)

Meghan said...

You've got to tell me where there is a decent Mexican restaurant in STL! I'm going to have to try it the next time I visit my family.