Sunday, April 21, 2013


Britton's picture catch-up.

A sweet friend picked up Britton and took his to a Super Hero/Armour of God time at our church one Sunday.  He had a great time and I am so grateful for the generosity of friends!

Silly moustache. He refused to get his face painted.

Showing off his balancing skills.

He was a king, a gold medalist and a superhero all in one day.


Torn knees.  He tells me it's okay because "you will fix it, Mami".

With his beloved Paca and Mema

Mowing like Daddy.  He insists on wearing his "eye protection".

More balancing

Using the small vacuum

Making a quesadilla. 

He played hopscotch with some kids at the park

Jumping into the foam pit

Mowing.  I love how he takes it so seriously.

He got this "hopper" for his birthday and loves it.  He is singing, too.

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