Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bishop is 2

He is now facing forward because he outgrew the rear facing limits on his Britax Blvd.  I am actually quite surprised at myself for rearfacing for 2 years.  I know it's safer, and I'm glad I did it, but I wasn't as diligent with Britton.

My baby turned 2!.  This is the age Britton was when Bishop was born and I remember thinking Britton was so grown.  I guess he wasn't because I certainly don't think Bishop is so grown!

His birthday fell on a Sunday when Lewis and I were both sick and felt like death.  But we did buy him a cupcake and sing to him. He got a little tricycle as his present.

My Bishop is talking up a storm!  He is also getting some attitude.  He loves to say "O-KAY!" with a bit of sass.  I know he has picked up some not-so-good habits at his school

He still loves his pacifier and blankie.  Heaven help you if you don't have those two things when he wants them.  He loves playing with his brother, until someone gets a toy taken away or bonked on the head.

He is in a size 7.5 shoe, a size 5 diaper, 2T clothes, with some 3T tops. He is sleeping well, but wakes up every once in a while wanting a drink.  He is still in the crib, but I'd like to move him to a twin bed.  He takes one nap a day, from 1-330/4pm.

He loves going to check the mail, riding his plasma car, swinging, playing with trucks, and singing along in the car.  He knows the majority of the songs on the kids CD in my car.  He can count to 11 and can even count backwards sometimes.  He can correctly identify the color orange and will tell you that he is 2, while holding up 4-5 fingers.

He runs and greets me and Lewis when he hasn't seen us for a while.  It's awesome. :)  He loves to put his PJs alongside Britton and snuggle with him while I tell a story or read a book and do prayers.  Britton wants him to sleep with him, but I know it'd be a disaster.

I love this kid.  I can't imagine our family without him!

 Enjoying his own cupcake!

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