Saturday, April 06, 2013

Birthday Party!

I chose to do a dual birthday party for the boys since their birthdays are about 2 weeks apart.  The week in between was perfect.  I hope they are keen on sharing a party for several more years.

The party was at a local gymnastics place called Cheer Texas.  They have in ground trampolines, a bouncy house, a foam pit, a long trampoline runway, and a large floor area.  The boys love going there occasionally for free play so I knew it'd be a fun place for a party!  

We chose a mid morning time slot and it worked out so well!  It allowed the kids to get some energy out (resulting in good naps!) and freed up the rest of the day for us!

I was so busy running around that I didn't really get good pictures.  My SIL took some and that's what you'll see below.

Before we left the house

Bishop jumping into the foam pit.  My dad lost his eyeglasses in the foam pit when he jumped in.  My BIL and nephew dug to the bottom and found them for him!
Bishop clapping after we sang to him

Britton blowing out his candles

Britton with his cousins



Getting a decent picture of these two proved futile!

Our neighbors behind us are moving out of state.  They so generously gifted their swingset to us.  It is incredible and we are so grateful.  The boys love it and play on it daily.  Lewis and my dad put a new "roof" on the fort.  I know it will get lots of use this summer and in years to come!

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