Saturday, March 30, 2013

He is 4

I have been waiting to post this because I was waiting on picures...that are on Lewis' camera...that I asked for umpteenth times...that I still haven't gotten...that were taken by him for the sole reason that my phone was dead...

So....all you get is a post with mainly words.

My first born turned 4.  FOUR.  As in almost one whole hand of fingers.

We asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wanted to go fishing with Daddy.  So they day started with him waking up to this:

I wanted to see his reaction, so I made sure to get up before he did.  But I guess I must have misjudged his wake up time because when I went to his door later, the balloons were all on the floor.  Come to find out, he had opened the door, had seen the balloons and let them fall to the floor, and closed the door and went back to bed.  Lewis and I finally called out to him and he opened the door and just stood there.  We told him to come to us and Britton said, "But I can't!  Look!".  Silly boy.  He either thought he would "ruin" the crepe paper or he didn't think to go under it.

We sang him Happy Birthday and he went to the office with Lewis, where I am sure he got a doughnut and chocolate milk for his birthday breakfast.  I picked him up later to take him with me to go get a pedicure.  He loved watching the ladies do their work.  In case you don't know, Britton loves feet.  He always notices whether you have painted toenails.  The lady asked him if he wanted a pedicure and he told her that he was a boy and that was for girls. :)  At one point, the ladies were speaking Vietmamese, and Britton turned to me and said, "Mom!  They're speaking Spanish!".  Ha!

We met Lewis and Bishop back up at the hospital for lunch and then we came home.  Lewis took Britton fishing as promised.  That evening we took Britton to The Big Texan.  He ordered his complimentary birthday Chicken Fried Steak and he ate almost all of it!  The cowboys sang to him and he blew out a candle on his dessert.  All in all, it was a good day!

In all the excitement and celebration, we completely forgot to give Britton his birthday present.  Not only on Saturday, but on Sunday as well.  So he got it on Monday morning.  He loved it!

He is a little boy, no longer a baby, no longer a toddler.  A little boy who amazes me with what he says, the questions he asks, and the ways he is growing up.  He tells me I am his most favorite Mami at least once a week. He randomly tells me he loves me.  He is generous with his hugs and kisses.

He loves to be told stories (but not book stories, stories that you "say").  Especially if he is the main character.  He loves neon colors and has several pair of neon socks.  Even hot pink ones.

He loves guns. He loves trucks. He loves all things boy. He runs, jumps, climbs, does "exercise", and trying to balance on one foot.

He idolizes his daddy.  He loves his brother, but doesn't mind annoying him, either.

He pottys like a champ and loves potty humor even more.

He wants to do it all.  Clean, cook, drive, open doors, bathe himself, dress himself, etc.

He can write his name.  He can key!  He is independent, brave, and follows rules.  He knows right from wrong, but still fights temptation.

He has good manners.  He loves little babies and says he wants a sister. ::coughcough::

He sleeps all nights.  He no longer naps.  He doesn't like to be woken up in the morning, he wants to "wake up by myself!".

He has friends.  He does big puzzles.  We play the matching game.  He hates to lose.

He likes to whisper "secrets" in your ear and his warm breath tickles. :)

He asks questions and wants answers.  He loves to tell you very excitedly, "You know what?"...and then explain something he learned, thinking he is letting you in on earth shattering information.

I asked him some questions I want to ask every year.

What is your favorite:

Color: blue and orange
Toy: crane
Fruit: oranges
TV show: Curious George
Lunch: Chik Fil A
Game: ---
Snack: treats
Song: Happy Birthday
Book: ---
Drink: lemonade
Holiday: ---
Breakfast: pancakes
Thing to do outside: play with my crane
Who is your best friend: Bishop
What do you want be when you grow up: just like you, Mami!

This is how much he's grown in a year!

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erin said...

such a big BOY! i dont think there is a better compliment than "I want to be just like you" when he grows up. <3 him!