Friday, February 22, 2013

What we've been up to...

This will be a catch up post for the month of February. 

We had some snow earlier in the month.  Not a lot, but enough to make a snowman. Lewis came home early to build one with Britton. I obviously don't have many items to use a snowman props in the house.  Poor Snowman had limes for eyes, a jalapeno for a nose, and Kashi cereal for snaggle teeth.  I did let him wear my favorite color scarf.

 Bishop was much happier inside.He's good with the snow for about 10 minutes.
  I couldn't see him, but I could hear him, and this is where I found him...sitting inside the learning tower.

 We went by Sherwin Williams to get some paint samples for the living room.  The boys colored while we chose paint colors.

His favorite color is blue.  He alwasys chooses blue suckers because "they make my tongue BLUE!".

A little TV before bath time.

His second trip to the dentist.  HE DID SOOOOOOO good!  He was all about the "prizes" he would get when he was finished.

The generic "Donald Duck" in front of Great Clips.  Britton always asks me why "Donald" doesn't talk.

Bishop is a sucker for a sucker.

Snow Play

Mom!  I made a snow castle! LOL

Bishop refused to wear gloves.  But he did "mow" the snow.

Very serious with his crane.

"But I don't want to take a nap".

I had international overwater training in Dallas at HDQ on Valentines Day.  I basically go to jump in a pool and pull myself into a raft and learn about water survival and customs.  Valentines Day is also a big to-do at HDQ because we are the LUV airline.  Each year on February 14th, a non customer contact dept is chosen as "Heroes of the Heart".  There is a big production in the lobby of HDQ and the winning dept gets their name painted on the side of one of our aircraft for a year.  I was able to see it since I was on the premises.

And everytime I go to HDQ, I always visit the inflight wing. They have on the walls a picture of every single flight attendant class.  Mine was 178.  I am on the front row, towards the left.

Lewis and Britton took a trip to the ranch.  They killed 3 feral hogs.

I took a sewing class at the store where my sewing machine was bought.  We made a small purse-type bag. It was challenging, but I learned lots and am quite proud of how it turned out.  Don't look too closely or you will see some mistakes. It perfect to carry messenger style and hold wipes and a couple diapers easily.

This is the train table my parents gave the boys for Christmas.  It is hands down the most played with toy in the house.  There are a zillion pieces to keep together, but it entertains the boys and any friends a good amount of time.

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