Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Donuts With Dad

The boys MDO/Preschool programs hosted a "Donuts with Dad" event.  Dads ( or any male figure in their life) go to the classrooms and have a snack while hanging out with their kid and seeing his classroom and meeting their friends.  I see a few dads drop off/pick up their kids, but for the most part, it's females.  I can honestly saw Lewis has done maybe 1 drop off or pick up since Britton was 18 mo old.  I could be wrong on that. He may have done ZERO.  Britton was SO excited to have his Daddy in his classroom.

Lewis looked very snazzy in his suit and tie.  I guess so snazzy that he impressed one of Bishop's teachers to the point that she told me that she didn't picture me with "that type of guy".  I asked her what type of guy she did picture me with and she stuttered out a "well, I really don't know".  I'm guessing his suit and tie attire doesn't really jive with my "mom outift" of jeans/tennis shoes/ponytail.

I'm glad Lewis got to go.  I know the boys enjoyed it.

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