Monday, January 14, 2013

Bishop 21 months

21 months. 3 months away from being 2 years old. Which is the age that Britton was when this big guy was born.  Which does not seem too long ago.

Bishop is my boy.  He loves his Mami and is such a cuddler.  He has no problem sitting in your lap, head against your chest, just being still.  I LOVE IT.  He is hitting a little independant stubborn streak and has gotten his first spankings.  He does very well with time out, which surprises me.  He really is a well behaved kid.  Anyone who watches him tells me that.  He now is aware of when he is excluded from things.  Such as if Britton gets to go to the ranch with Lewis.  He runs to the door after they close it and cries trying to get it open.  He also wants to climb up and go down stairs by himself.  He joins Britton in the Learning Tower and is not into sharing the space. 

Bishop is in size 7 shoes, a size 5 diaper, and 24mo/2T tops.  His bottoms are 18-24 mo. He is quite athletic, showing much more balance and agility than his brother at the same age.  He is sleeping through the night, from about 8pm to 730am. He takes one nap a day at 1pm and usually gives me a good 2-3 hours.

Bishop is still quite attached to his pacifier and blue blanky.  You will usually not see him without one or the other close by.  He is talking way more than he did 2 months ago.  He loves to "talk" and speaks oodles of gibberish. But his words include ball, wow, cool, teti (pacifier), mama, cold, hot, mine, cow (thank you), more, and a few others.  He understands sooo much.  I was concerned for a while that his speech was lacking, but it's really picked up and his comprehension has shot through the roof.  Britton loves to tell him words to repeat and hear him repeat them.  For the record, they are not all nice words.  I've caught him asking Bishop to repeat potty words, like poop, toot, etc.

He loves playing outside on the few occasions it's been warm enough.  He plays cars, loves watching cartoons, running around with his brother, and being read to.  He and Britton are really starting to play with each other and I love it.  Except when they play rough.  I know it's a boy thing, but it makes me nervous!  We finally got a rug in the living room and it breaks the falls a bit, but considering the whole house is stained concrete, I'm afraid of what the next few years will bring.

This kid lights up the room when he smiles.  He certainly lights up our lives!

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