Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

These pictures are all out of order, and since I don't know of a fast way to get them all in order, I'm just going to go with the flow...

Halloween 2012 was a very much anticipated event in the Brown house.  When I told Britton we could go trick-or-treating on Wednesday, he said, "No, we go on Halloween!".  LOL

He loved wearing his costume.  Even though pictures will show that he was dressed as a dragon, he was convinced he was dressed as a frog...because it was GREEN.  

Bishop was a dinosaur. He wasn't as "into" Halloween as Britton was at his age. Bishop was quite content to be carried my his Daddy or to ride in the wagon taking candy out of his bucket and putting it back in and over and over and over.

At the first house, Britton rang the doorbell about 10 times in a row.

At the second house, he only rang it once, but OPENED the door before the owner did.

And at the third house, he only rang the bell once, he did wait until the owner opened the door, but when they did, he WALKED right into their house.

By the fourth house, he knew the drill and was on the hunt for CANDY!

Overall, it was great and Britton loved it.  He wanted to eat the candy as soon as we got home. He has already asked if we can go again tomorrow. :)

Taking inventory of their haul.

Bishop wasn't too sure about being a dinosaur at first.

 Telling Roland all about the candy!  Roland's house even gave Lewis a beer when he said, "Trick or Treat!".

The best full body shot I got of the boys.

And my sweet Britton was petting the doggie. :)

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