Thursday, October 25, 2012

Britton and Grandpa

My FIL had a knee replacement a couple weeks ago.  He spent about 3 days in the hospital and then a little over a week in a rehab facility.  I'd take the boys by to visit and we'd bring him a 44oz Dr. Pepper.  The man loves DP so much, I'm sure he bleeds DP. :)

Britton has also been into the cartoon "Doc McStuffins".  And I found a simple "doctor kit" at JBF a couple of weeks ago.  So when we went to visit, he insisted on taking his doctor bag so he could make Grandpa "feel better".

Britton checking his Grandpa's heartbeat.

Britton giving Grandpa a shot in the "booty".

Watching the TV with Grandpa.  


Karol Franco said...

This is so cute! Hope he's feeling better.

erin said...

cute! hope dwayne recovers quickly. prayers for him!