Friday, June 08, 2012

Things Britton says:

"Dunder"  (he means "thunder")

It was raining the other day, and he wanted to go outside. So he asked me to "turn off the rain".  LOL

And in the car, when it's raining, he loves the windshield wipers.  He says, "The wipers are wiping!".

He is quite the backseat driver. He loves to tell me "Go, Mami!  Green means go!".

This is what I call "Bipolar Britton":
8:44 sweet britton
8:45. Possessed britton
8:46 whining britton
8:47 calm britton
8:48 crying britton
8:49 tantrum britton
8:50 sweet britton

Rinse and repeat. 

When he farts, he tells me "I didn't caca, I farted."  Thanks son, glad to know it wasn't a shart. 

He was misbehaving one day and I asked him if he wanted a spanking.  He said "no".  And then he added, "spank Daddy!".

He was eating something the other day, and out of nowhere says, "This is delicious!".

This kid CRACKS ME UP on a daily basis!  I have to save them in my phone so I don't forget!

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