Monday, June 11, 2012

Swimming Lessons

I signed both boys up for one week swim lessons.  But only one kid attended. :)

Britton had 4 private lessons over the course of 4 evenings. I do think he liked it.  As sad as it sounds, he really hasn't had a lot of exposure to pools.  His first summer, he was just a baby.  The second summer, we went to the pool, but he was a wobbly toddler.  Last summer, well, Bishop was an infant and I was not going to chase Britton down around the pool, much less take an infant with me.  I think we went TWICE last summer and I left Bishop with my inlaws.  He loved it and I felt very guilty that we could not go more often.  I know there are some mom's who load up the pack-n-play and put the baby in the shade, but that is NOT ME.  I don't want the baby to overheat, and I'm a big stickler for naps in the crib on schedule.  

But this summer, I vow to take both boys to the pool!

The lessons were 30 minutes each, and even then, I could tell they were too long to keep his attention focused.  But he did really well with doing what the instructor asked and did not cry at all.  He jumped in on his own and even put his face in the water.  At the end of the week, the instructor told me he did well and that he had no fear.  And that last part?  It scares me.

And as for Bishop, well, I probably should not have even signed him up in the first place.  But it was only a $20 loss so it's not that big of a deal.  I think the first day of lessons set the tone and it did not go well at all.  For starters, it was cold.  And his lesson was a morning lesson. And morning lessons were done in the outside pool.  Whoever had the bright idea to do "mommy and me" lessons obviously does not have children or else they would have known babies don't tolerate cold water very well.

Bishop and I lasted about 10 minutes and then we got out and left.  The director offered to move us to an aftn class, but the only time available did not work for us.  Ironically, the rest of the week, they moved the morning lessons inside, but by then, I figured Bishop was already traumatized so we just didn't go.  Plus, the made the decision to go inside on a day to day basis, and I wasn't about to drive clear across town just to have them decide to have them outside.  

Oh well.  Lesson learned.  Maybe next year.

The lessons were the week after we did potty training (post to come later) and Britton did AWESOME.

Here are some pics and a video of Britton.

He doesn't want to float!

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