Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 Recap

January:  It was cold. I worked my last trip before the baby was born.

February:  It was even colder.  We had record snowfall.  I was huge, tired, and house bound with a rambunctious, trying, frustrated almost two year old.

March:  I turned 35.  Britton turned 2!

April:  We welcomed Bishop Aidan Brown into the world, via C-section.  Our little family had grown by one! Lewis and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. (Yes, do the math.  2 kids in 3 years. lol)

May:  Meemaw and Paca came to visit (and HELP out!) a lot and Britton's vocabulary TOOK OFF.  He was moved up to an older classroom and flourished!  We had a wildfire close by that almost had us evacuating.

June:  Bishop had his first visit to Anson.  We celebrated Paca's birthday and Lewis turned 39. This month, we DID have a fire too close for comfort, so we were temporarily evacuated.  Britton was in Anson, and Lewis stayed behind to goose neck, so Bishop and I left!  This is also the month we hired a cleaning lady.  LOVE!

July: It was HOT.  Bishop was growing.  Did I mention it was HOT?!?

August:  My family reunion in Anson.  It was STILL broiling outside.  Britton started MDO again.

September:  Lewis got snipped.

October:  Britton started a new MDO at FBC Downtown.  I shopped JBF.  Lewis and I had a quick weekend in Dallas.  We were in a car accident.  And for Halloween, Bishop was a pirate and Britton was Frankenstein.

November:  My maternity leave ended.  Lewis and I went to Vegas for a quick weekend.

December:  I flew my first trip since going out in January. It was also my last trip for the year. It snowed on Christmas Day.

I can't quite believe how fast 2011 passed by.  Britton has grown so much, both physically and mentally.  He amazes me with his vocabulary and skills.  Bishop is at the top of the charts for height and weight, and learning every day.  Lewis has had some good things come his way at work and will turn the big 4-0 this June.  We are all healthy and happy.  Here's to 2012!  We look forward to all the things it will bring us!

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