Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

(this was about the best we could do for a decent family picture)

It snowed.  Bishop's first Christmas was a white one, just like Britton's was!

We normally go over to my inlaw's house on Christmas morning and eat breakfast and then open gifts.  But because my inlaws are staunch Sunday School and church goers, they weren't about to skip class and service, so we decided to "do" Christmas at 4pm instead.  And to be honest, I loved it at that time!

Our little family slept in on Sunday morning, and then we went to church. We had a light lunch and then the boys went down for naps. Both boys took 2+ hour naps AT THE SAME TIME, so it played out well for them to not be overtired.  We headed over to my inlaw's house right before 4 and by then there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground.  

We opened gifts and Britton had a blast! Bishop was more into the wrapping paper.  Britton loved his gift from Santa.  It was a yellow PlasmaCar.  He took to it like a fish takes to water.  He also loved his gift from his Grammie and Grandpa, a camera. It is quite cool.  It does tons of things!  He also got some Mickey Mouse goodies, and in case you can't tell, it comes with a "Mickey Mote".  From my side, he got some moolah from my parents (Lewis' favorite type of gift for the boys...goes straight into their trading account).  And Tia Karol got him a Melissa and Doug easel.  He got a few other things, but those are the highlights.

Bishop big gifts were a BUSY CUBE from Santa and a Vtech Push Toy.  He also got some little gifts as well.  He also got moolah from his Meemaw and Paca and his Tia Karol gave him this puppy.

Lewis got Lowe's gift cards, which is exactly what he wanted.  He also got some binoculars and a knife sharpening thing that he bought so that the boys and I could "give it" to him.  I also got him the latest book on Steve Jobs.

I got something I have wanted for a while. A SEWING MACHINE!  I haven't sewn since HS when I took it in Home Ec, but I loved it then and have wanted to pick it up again.  The machine includes 3 "master your machine" classes and I've already signed up to take them in February.  So super duper excited!  Also got a scarf and a few other little things.

Dinner was tenderloin, mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach with garlic chips (my dish!), baked asparagus (another dish of mine!), salad from Olive Garden (my last dish!), and rolls.  Bishop tried a little tenderloin and mashed potatoes and some bread.  Poor kid has not a single tooth so it scares me to give him stuff!

We came home about 7:15pm and Bishop was WORN OUT.  But lucky Britton had Meemaw and Paca waiting for him at the house.  He left with them on Monday morning.  We are spending New Years in Anson and will bring him back home with us.

Overall, it was a nice holiday and we are blessed!

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april said...

love that picture of all of you! glad you all had a great christmas!