Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Las Vegas

Lewis and I had a couple days of "alone time" in Las Vegas this past weekend.  Well, it was more like 36 hours, since I has training most of Saturday, but still, it was nice for it to be just him and me.

In the last month, we've been to Dallas and to Las Vegas, courtesy of his work conferences.  You'd think we get to do this all the time.  But we don't.  Which makes these little stolen weekends even more special.

We had arranged childcare with my mom since the summer.  She came up on Friday and stayed until Tuesday.  I flew out Friday and came back Monday.  Lewis flew out Saturday and will come back on Wednesday.  Confused, yet?  LOL

I was in training for 8 hours on Saturday.  To be honest, it was great to be back in my "alternate life".  (It was also nice to non-rev without having to call Chicago and having them "okay" it!)  This years recurrent training was probably the most informative training I have done with SWA since initial training.  We hit on some real life scenarios and situations and they really hit the nail on making it "real".

Lewis got to Vegas while I was still in class, so he hung out for almost 3 hours and waited on me.

When I was done, we took a cab to the MGM Grand.  We get to the check in desk to find out the person who made his travel arrangements didn't book him for Saturday night.  And the hotel was sold out due to a boxing match.  So we got a room at NYNY for the night. We walked around the strip a bit that night.  All I really wanted to do was GO TO SLEEP.  And I finally did, but not until we had some appetizers and drinks at diego.  Oh, and not until I got to witness some parenting of the year.  I saw SO many babies and toddlers out waaaay past bedtime.  Like 10 and 11pm.  Some walked beside their stupid and selfish parents, but most were passed out in strollers.  I felt so bad for them.  But that was topped by seeing a very scantily clad pregnant idiot woman SMOKING in the casino.  Poor babies.

Sunday, my internal alarm had me up at 5am Vegas time. (Thank you, Bishop).  But I forced myself to try to sleep more and got a couple more hours.  It was HEAVENLY.  Got showered and dressed and headed to MGM Grand to stow our bags until we could check in.  Then we scoped out Lewis' conference stuff, like registration and meeting space.  We walked FOREVER.  The hotel is HUGE.

Finally, we took a cab to Imperial Palace, which houses one of the top rated breakfasts in Las Vegas.  Hash House A Go Go.  Lewis had heard about it from Man vs Food.  See, I guess him watching random shows pays off once in a while!  It was really really good.  I would definitely recommend it.  I had the fresh mushroom, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh spinach Hash. And Lewis had Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Benedict.  If I could, I would have had a little bit of the whole menu.  I wish we would have shared a bloody mary, but since I'm a lightweight drinker to begin with, and it wasn't even noon, we passed.

We took our time walking back to the hotel, hoping to walk off some of the feast we had ingested.  Then we just hung out in our beautiful room and did.absolutely.nothing.  GLORIOUS.

When it was time for dinner, I did a little internet research and it led us to the Bellagio Buffet.  This is another place I'd recommend.  Seafood section was INCREDIBLE.  There was nothing I tasted that was not good.  It not only had tons of things at this buffet, but the quality of all those things was awesome.  Well worth the cost!

We gambled for a little over an hour afterwards.  We played craps.  We had played before last time we were in Vegas. I really like that game. Once you figure it out, it's quite addicting!  But I guess all gambling is like that.   Funny to think the last time we were in Las Vegas was just a couple days before we found out Britton was on his way!  And now look at us!  Anyways, we won a little, but we called it an early night since I had to get up early the next day to fly home.

Flights were super full, but I got the jumpseat.

Now, it's time to go head-first into the "holiday" season.  Our only trips I know of so far are going to Anson for Thanksgiving and anything I fly.  Christmas will be in Amarillo.

This year is flying by so quickly!

(oh, and I have no pictures of us in Vegas.  Taking pictures is the last thing I wanted to do.  Hence, the tons of links in this post)!