Friday, October 07, 2011

New start

Britton started at a new MDO this week.  I love it.  He loves it.

It does go a half hour less than the other one, but I will gladly sacrifice 30 minutes for all the positives he is getting.  His teachers are SO nice and polite and truly want to be there.  There are two other kids in his class who he knows from Kingdom Kids, so he had instant friends.  The first day I picked him up, he was sitting at a table laughing and talking to one of those boys.  I love seeing that!

He eats and sleeps well there.  They have a music class, an exercise class, and they have the "tunnels", which is like the Chick-Fil-A playground, but on steroids.  Classrooms are bigger and I know tons of the teachers and kids.  I am SO glad we made the switch.  It is further from the house than KK, but well worth the drive.

Best of all, it has one of the best, if not the TOP, preschool programs in the city.  So he will get first dibs on enrollment.  I can't believe we are already talking about preschool!  

Britton amazes me daily.  He talks SO well.  Long sentences with pretty good use of  composition and he strings several sentences together.  I love talking to him and hearing him communicate.

I got his a new backpack and lunchbox (on clearance,of course!) at Lands End and he loves them.

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mindibz said...

Ha! I bought a ton of stuff at the recent Land's End clearance sell. Score!