Monday, October 10, 2011

JBF Score!

The Fall JBF sale was this past weekend.  I didn't consign much because I really didn't have time to tag things. I am also usually a high hour volunteer so I can get first dibs on things, but I only volunteered 4 hours this time because I just didn't have the time!

With only 4 hours under my volunteer belt, I was in the third wave of volunteers to shop.  So I was hoping that the things I wanted would still be there when I was able to go in.

I purposely volunteer the last drop off period so that I can see what is being consigned and make a mental list of what I want.

I had already made a list of things I was looking for at the sale.  My number one item was a double stroller.  The Baby Jogger City Mini Double, to be specific.  But the odds of there being one at the Amarillo JBF sale were pretty small.  I've never even see one in this city.  And in shopping at 6 sales, I had never seen one for sale.  I had resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to wait until our trip to Dallas in a couple of weeks to try one out in person, as well as the Joovy Scooter X2.  And I figured I'd end up with the less stellar Joovy just because it was $200 less. Not that the Joovy is horrible, but I'd narrowed it down to those two doubles based on a zillion factors.

Lo and behold, I show up for my volunteer shift and see a red and black beauty from a distance.  Can it be?  Is it?  OH MY WORD, it is!!!  With a parent console ($35 retail!) and a mommy hook ($10 retail!).  I look at the price they are asking and I want to squeal like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert.  It's $150.  A freaking STEAL.  This brand rarely goes on sale because it is price protected.  It retails for $400.

But will it be there when I can shop?  Does someone else covet this stroller?  I will cry an ugly cry if "my" stroller is gone.

So as I volunteer, I am thinking I need to do something to get in earlier.  My only option is to volunteer more. But when?  I don't have time!

Then, I see my friend Sarah.  She's come by to drop off the stuff she is selling.  And she makes my day by telling me that she gets to shop in the first wave and is there anything I really really really really really want and she will buy it and hold it for me.

Um, yes.  As a matter of fact, I do!  Thank you very much.

And so I am now the proud owner of an excellent used condition red and black Baby Jogger City Mini Double.  I am in love with this stroller.  It is awesome.  The reviews on it, are spot on.

This stroller, by far, is the BEST JBF score I have ever gotten.

I also got Britton a pair of John Deere boots for $7 and they retail for $80.  He loves them and they are great quality.

I didn't get as much clothes as I normally do.  Bishop has pretty much all he needs from Britton.  And Britton can still wear his 2T tops.  There weren't a lot of 3T pants to choose from, plus Britton needs an adjustable waist, and I didn't see any of those.

I got a few other things, but nothing as awesome as my stroller. :)

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mindibz said...

Yay! I have the Baby Jogger City Classic single and love it! If we're ever blessed with another baby, the City Mini Double is already on my wish list! Yay for you!