Monday, August 01, 2011



I think they are ugly.  And cheap looking.

But I love them for kids.  LOVE.

For Britton's first summer, he was an infant and didn't need shoes or sandals.  He was barefoot most of the time.  Poor kid probably wondered what those awful things covering his feet were when fall and winter came along.

His second summer, he was walking (June 4, if anyone cares!).  I knew he needed something to protect his little feet, but I wanted them to be easy to out on and take off. I scored a "new in box" pair of Sperry sandals at a fantastic price at the JBF sale, not knowing how much I'd love them.

He wore them all that summer.  I didn't have to worry about them getting wet and ruined, they were easy to get on and off, and they were cute.  The only downside was that mid-summer, they really started to get stinky.  And in turn, Britton's feet got stinky.  The sandals lasted him all summer.  They were actually a little big on him when summer started, but by the time it ended, he'd outgrow them.  But they are still in great shape, so they are paked away for Bishop.

This summer, I looked for another pair of the same Sperry sandal, but I didn't find anything I liked.  So I tried a pair from UMI that I got for over 1/2 off retail.  They were nice and looked like they'd fit the bill.  But Britton was HARD on them.  After about a month, he wore off the sole lining.  And they began to STINK.  BAD.  Since it was barely the end of May, I knew I needed to find something else.

This time I went with a closed toe sandal because I didn't want his little toes to get jammed.  He us much more active this summer than he was last summer.  I wanted some Keen's for him, but refused to pay that much for sandals.  Gymboree had some Keen-like sandals on sale for $12.50 so I went with those.  And they have been great!

But I still felt like he needed something that could get wet and not feel yucky.  Plus, since he is in a "take them off, put them back on" phase, I wanted something he could put on himself.  Taking shoes off IS NOT the problem. ;)

Zulily had Crocs on super sale back in June.

(If you decide to order something from here, use this code and I get credit!

I had never ordered anything from them, but I figured what the heck.  I ordered Britton a plain brown pair and a plain black pair.  I didn't know what size he needed so I ordered two different sizes and figured if the small one didn't fit him, Bishop could always wear it later.

I was so ansty to get them.  But I guess the price one pays for a good deal is a LONG shipping time.  It took 5 weeks to get them.  Waaaaay to long in my opinion, but I hear it's not like that for all items.

Overall, I love love love love love them!  And more importantly, Britton loves them, too.

No more fretting about which summer sandals to get.  Next year, it's Crocs all the way...even if I have to pay full price.  But with my mad bargain hunting skills, I should be able to find another deal!

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