Thursday, July 07, 2011

He as some skills!!

My baby is back!  He had a great time with his Meemaw and Paca, but I'm so glad to have him back at home.

He seems to have grown and gotten so much smarter in the short time he was gone.  Britton talks constantly and repeats everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING. 

He is a stacking genius!!!

Bishop has been sleeping through the night more often than not.  I was getting frustrated with his lack of a real napping schedule, but two things happened that tell me my expectations were too high for him.  

1) I went back and read what Britton was sleeping at this age, and Bishop is right on track.  I was thinking that Bishop needed to be napping at least two hours for his morning and afternoon nap.  But since he's sleeping more at night, I can see why his day naps wold be shorter.  Same thing happened with Britton.  I'm so glad I wrote it down on the blog to refer to.

2) I'd been letting Bishop fuss for about a hour from 7 until 8 in the morning before finally going to get him  He'd fall asleep off and on during this time.  But I have found that if I go get him and feed him when he starts fussing at 7-7:15ish he naps MUCH better all day.  So for that, I will get my butt out of bed.  Plus, Britton usually wakes up at 7:30 anyway.

Bishop is also really fighting the swaddle.  I've tried putting him down to sleep without it and he wakes up 10 minute later.  I'm scared to wean him off it!  But I know it's going to have to happen soon because he is LONG and he's already stretching the length on the Miracle Blanket and Swaddle Me's.  I've given up on the Woombies because he can roll over like a champ in those and screams his head off because he can't roll back.

So for now, Bishop's schedule is waking up a little after 7am and eating, napping from about 8ish to 10ish.  Eating at 11ish.  Napping from 12;30ish to 2ish.  Eating at 3ish.  Napping again anywhere between 4-5, eating again at 5:30 ish.  bath at 645ish.  Eating again at 715ish.  And asleep for the night about 7:45.  When he does wake up in the middle of the night, it's between 3-4am.  

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Anonymous said...

ahhh, that's my kind of schedule. BTW, don't end a sentence with a preposition : P