Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is one of those things that I don't want to forget about Britton, so even though it's kinda gross, I'm going to blog about it.

Lewis taught Britton the word "boogs", which is short for boogers.  For a few months now, Britton has has a runny nose pretty much constantly and he's gotten really good about letting us wipe his nose.  Lewis started talking about his "boogs" and asked to see them.  So now, when you say "Let me see your boogs", Britton will move his upper lip downward, look up, and somewhat flare his nostrils so you can see in his nose.  Nice, huh?  He also has no problem wanting to look into YOUR nose to see if he sees "boogs".

Britton also loves to pick his nose and then examine the "boogs".  The wonderful thing about this "boog" infatuation is that now when Britton has a runny nose, he will ask you to wipe it or find something to wipe it with himself.  Just this evening, I had torn off some toilet paper to wipe his nose with, and before I could say anything to him, he pointed to his runny nose and said "boo" (boog).

That's our boy!

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