Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Britton "funny"...or so I think.

This kid is giving me new blogging material every day, it seems like.  If he keeps this up, you may have something new to read daily!

Today we were at United Supermarket.  On the way out, Britton was holding my hand and I had asked him to please hand over the car keys he had in his other hand. I have found that "asking" Britton to do someting usually works much better than "telling" him to do something.  It makes him feel he is doing it on his terms, I guess.

FYI, Britton is OBSESSED with keys.  Especially the remote keyless entry ones, like the ones we have for the Camry and Truck.  We do not let him play with them because if he ruins them, they are expensive to replace

Britton has gotten into the habit of vigorously shaking his head "no" when he means NO.  So, of course, I got the head shake. 

With no other choice, I took the keys from him.  And screaming ensued.  He went limp and was hanging from my hand.  Rather than dragging him, I let him go.  And he fell to the ground.

Now, this kid is not dumb.  He has enough "practice" in this "going limp" act that he knows how to fall without hitting his head on the floor.  So he fell and just laid there.  It just happened to be right at the entrance, right in front of the automatic door.  People were walking in and out, and there was my son, screaming and laying on the floor.

It was quite comical, to be honest.  Some people just walked around him and ignored him.  Others, mainly old ladies, looked at him, and then looked at me,and then looked back at him.  One lady came up to me, and said, "Does he need help?".  And I replied, "No, not now, but he will need help when we get home!".

She then went to Britton and the kid OFFERED his hand to her and she helped him up.  And he was smiling at her the whole time.  So them I took his hand from her, and took it in my own, and he started the screaming and dragging his feet again.  By then, we were in the crosswalk, and I stopped.  With groceries in one hand, I spanked him twice right then and there. 

More screaming, but at least now he was walking.  I would have picked him up and carried him, but he is getting so heavy and my belly is so cumbersome.  Plus, he likes to kick when he's like this, and I didn't want to risk him kicking my belly.

So I got him into the car, belted into the carseat, and after telling him over and over that we DO NOT behave like that and to calm himself down, we were on our way home.  Miraculously, I didn't hear a peep from him on the drive home.

I called my mom on the drive to tell her what happened.  When we got home, I put my mom on speaker phone so Britton could hear her.

My mom was telling Britton, "Meemaw loves Britton.  Meemaw loves her boy." And all kinds of positive things.  Britton was grinning from ear to ear hearing this, and actually looking at me with a look that said, "See, my Meemaw loves me!:

But then my mom said, "But if Britton doesn't behave, Meemaw will SPANK him.". 

The look on Britton's face when he heard the word SPANK was PRICELESS.  His smile was immediately gone.  He looked crushed.

I actually laughed out loud. 

The kid knows what SPANK means.  And now he knows Meemaw will spank him, too, if he does not behave.

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