Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny things

No pictures on this post since I am blogging from work.  But I do have some things Britton has done that I consider funny that I don't want to forget.

*** He loves Hershey Kisses.  Well, he loves pretty much all candy, but in this instance, it was a Kiss.  I had unwrapped it, and he had ben holding it a good 3 minutes.  I was afraid it was going to melt in his palm, so I took it from him and bit off the top part, hoping it would make him realize he could eat the rest of it.  Instead, he about threw a coniption fit and wailed and wailed.  He wanted NO PART of the leftover Kiss.  He finally calmed down when I opened a new Kiss and handed it to him WHOLE.   Sheesh.

***Britton will only eat yogurt from me when frozen.  (He eats yogurt served on a spoon when my MIL feeds it to him.  But me, nope!).  So I buy the GoGurt bars and freeze them and then he eats it, I guess thinking it is a popsicle.  I cut the GoGurt into little rounds.  One particular round was quite thick, so I cut it in half.  When Britton saw it, you would have thought I had cut off his finger.  He refused to eat the halves and whined/wailed until I cut a "whole" one again.  Drama!

***We have friends named Roland and Linda.  They have a 22 year old daughter named Jessi.  Britton LOVES Jessi.  She is awesome with him.  So we all went out to dinner on Monday night.  Britton was being a ham, as is his new habit,.  He loves to be the center of attention.  He smiles, and bats his eyes, and will pretty much do anything that elicits a laugh or applause.  I was asking him "where" everyone was.  Like "where is Daddy?  Where is Mama?"  He correctly pointed out everyone, including Jessi, who he sees only maybe once every 3 months.  When I got to Roland, he didn't point, but did some funny stuff with his hands.  Come to find out, he thought we were saying "ROLLING", and he would "roll" his hands like in "Patty Cake".  It was so funny!

***Britton isn't talking much, or if he is, a lot of his words sound the same.  He constantly says what sounds like "mom, mom, mom, mom".  We finally figured out he does not have an unhealthy obsession with me. ;)  Rather, he is saying MINE! MINE! MINE!

He also said "ball" and "bubble" the other night.  I'm thinking he says a lot more, but we just don't understand him. ;)

As for Christmas, I haven't forgotten about it.  I will post about it.  It's just been a  long week.

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