Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Brown 2.0

We are officially going public with the BABY NEWS!

We had our first OB appointment today.  The Dr. could not get the heartbeat on the doppler, so she did an internal sonogram.  We saw the baby and the heartbeat, but the angle was kinda weird.  So then she felt my uterus and thought that it felt bigger than it should be for how far along I was.  She was thinking twins!So she did an abdominal ultrasound and we saw the little gummy bear!  We did not see a second baby, but she is going to recheck on the next appointment.

We did not get this with Britton so it was very exciting!  We could see little arms and legs punching and kicking and the baby was doing flips.  The baby is measuring right on schedule.  Estimated due date is April 16, 2011.

Lewis and I were married on April 12, Britton was due on April 10, and now BB 2.0 is due April 16.  We must like the month of April. ;)

I had been feeling fine up until a week ago.  Now, the nausea!  And dry heaving!  And gagging!  Not to mention, my Kegels need work.  ;)  I feel like I am showing faster with this baby than with Britton. I've already busted out the maternity clothes and they are so much more comfortable!

I'm thinking girl for this baby.  And I want to find out before the birth.  Lewis does not, but I DO!


april said...

find out!

bobcatsteph said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting.