Thursday, September 30, 2010

18 months

Britton is a YEAR AND A HALF OLD!

Good Lord, where has the time gone.

He is climbing, running, walking, babbling, laughing, pointing, making faces, and tons more.

He is not talking, but he can DEFINITELY understand a lot of what we say.  His motor skills are waaaay good.  He will sat MAMA when he really really really wants me.  He says Da more often.

Britton knows that doors are supposed to be closed after you open them.  He knows when we go into the garage we have to push the button for the garage door.  He knows to pull on the handle to open the car door.  He knows "pick that up", "bring that to me", let's go get breakfast/lunch/dinner", "where's your drink", "wipe your nose", "let's change your diaper", "bring me your book", and "brush your hair", and zillions more.  We go to his 18 mo appointment tomorrow and I will update this post with his stats. 

Britton can identify his nose, eyes, ears, hair, teeth, toes, shoes, and bellybutton.  He waves bye-bye very enthusiastically.

His favorite books right now are "Goodnight Moon" and "Boo Hoo Baby".  He loves ducks and roosters.  He also loves Chik-Fil-A

He still loves the children's music CD my mom bought him.  And we also listen to Radio Disney in the car on XM.

He's not a big fan of TV.  At his Grammie and Grandpa's house, they have Nick JR, and there is a show called "Fresh Beat Band".  He does like it because they sing and dance on it.  And Britton LOVES to dance.

He goes to bed at 7:30 pm and wakes up between 7 and 8am. 

He has 16 teeth.

He wears a size 5.5/6 shoe.  He is in 18 mo clothes and a size 4 diaper.

He is still sleeping in his crib. 

He got a haircut today.  It's the shortest its ever been.  They used a "1" on the bottom half if his head, and a "3" on the rest of it.  I like it even though he looks like he is from the barrio. ::haha::

Here is a video of Britton going down his slide.

And here is a video of Britton playing with Lewis.

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april said...

love the pictures!

he is so handsome. cant wait to see him again!