Friday, April 09, 2010

SO busy!

It has been non-stop since Britton's birthday party.  The JBF sale is this weekend and I volunteered 18 HOURS so I could get into the presale first. I also had to prepare the stuff I was selling and tag it. I am exhausted, but it paid off. I scored two major things I wanted for Britton, plus some other stuff.  I LOVE THIS SALE!!

This was also my first sale as a consignor and as today, I have sold several things and already made over $100.  Woot woot!  If you have kids, I highly highly highly recommend going.  I have gotten Britton some great things the last three sales.

I leave for work on Sunday night and won't come back until the 21st.  TEN DAYS!  eeeek!

And then when I get back, I have a couple of days to do laundry and clean and then it's off to San Antonio!

My scores:
  • Radio Flyer Dual Wagon  (got it for $40!)
  • Cozy Coupe ( I got it for $18!)
  • Stride Rite Fisherman Sandals ( I was debating some See Kai Run Evan Sandals, but the Stride Rites are almost identical and in fabulous shape!  And only $7!)
  • Sperry Topsiders (NEW!  for $14!  Regular $32!)
  • Lots and lots of Little Tikes toys
  • Books
  • New Balance Tennis Shoes in new condition for $10!
There was a ton more things I wnated to get, but I held back.. Britton does not NEED more toys.  Plus, my goal is to break even or come out positive from what I sell versus what I bought.

In other news, my dad chopped off half of two fingers several days ago.  We are lucky he still has his hand.  And his arm, since it's the one that was all mangled up in 1986.


drumroll, please...........

we are going to look at the Honda's and Toyota's tomorrow morning!  We have saved up enough to buy it outright with cash!  I am so stoked!

Pray for me as I leave for work for 10 days!  I am going to miss my baby boy SO much!

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CB said...

Wow! Congrats on all of the stuff!! And I have to say you are going to love your new wheels!!! We have a Sienna and I LOVE it! Don't know if you are looking cars, SUVs or Mini-vans. And...that is HORRIBLE about your dad chopping off part of his fingers! How aweful! And how did he mangle his arm? Poor guy. I have heard that losing parts of fingers is really a painful recovery.