Monday, April 05, 2010

Britton's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Britton's first birthday by having a small birthday party at my inlaw's house.   I am so glad we did not do a full blown party for the first year.  Everything went smoothly and I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.  Britton even showed off his walking skills by pushing his dump truck that Tia April bought him around the living room.  We shot video of it, but who knows when I'll put it on the computer.

My parents came into town, as did my sisters.  We missed Ricky and his family, but are glad we got to see them earlier in March.

We started by eating some pizza from Hungry Howie's.  If you have never had this pizza, you should try it.  It is our new favorite!  We then sang to Britton and had cake.  He seemed to not know what to think of his personal cake at first, but as soon as he had a taste for frosting, he was a pro.  He enjoyed it much more than he did on his actual birthday.

Afterwards, we opened his gifts.  Britton is very lucky to have such a generous family.    He was so grateful that he even sent out his Thank You cards the following Monday.  Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and presents!

Among his loot were:
Money (this goes into his investment account we have set up for him)
A push toy that makes noise as it rolls.
A personalized rocking chair

Lewis and I decided to buy Britton a spring horse.  I remember having one of these and loving it.  Lewis had one, too, and loved it as well, if not more than I did.  And since Britton loved the jumperoo, we figure it'll be a hit.  It is supposed to be delivered the week of April 20th.

Overall, it was a great day.  It is hard to believe how far Britton (and us!) have come in a year.  He is getting to be more and more fun every day!

What's that I hear?  Is someone singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me?

Alright, where's my cake!?!

Oh, there it is!  I want it!

I don't know where to start!

Mmm, this sure tastes good.  And no, I will not share.

Mmmm, so good.  I can fit my whole hand in my mouth.

Mama and Daddy posing with the Birthday Boy

My abuelitos and grandparents who love me so much

My aunts and uncle

My cousins

I'm not so sure about this rocking chair, but I do like the color!

See, it's MINE.  It even has my name on it.

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CB said...

What great pictures!! Happy Birthday Britton!!