Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Britton's 1st Haircut

I took Britton to get his first haircut today.  It was a bona fide men's barber shop.  When you walk in, it looks like you've stepped into a time warp.  The barber, James, has been cutting hair for 52 years. 

Here is Britton sitting in a chair in the "waiting area".

Now Britton is trying out the "official" chair.

His official "BEFORE" picture.  Look at those long strands!

Getting ready for his first haircut!  And sitting in the "booster seat"

Britton did so good!  He stayed still and didn't even flinch!  He was not afraid of the clippers at all!

All finished!  Britton looks very somber, but he was actually in a pretty good mood.

And the "AFTER" picture!  Doesn't he look like a big boy!? 

And in the truck on the way home.

The following are not haircut related, but were taken last week before bedtime.


april said...

he looks so big!

CB said...

Wow!! I can't believe how big he is getting. Such a handsome little guy!! Let me know if you all are ever in H-town!!