Monday, February 08, 2010

45 weeks

Not too much new.  Britton is slowly learning how to sit back down after pulling to a standing position.  He sometimes squats. He sometimes puts his hand down to feel the ground, and sometimes, he just falls.  ;)

True Story:  Britton loves to play the fake coughing game.  As in, I cough, and then he coughs.  And back and forth.  We could play this for 15 minutes.  Well, on Sunday, in church,  we sat next to an older couple.  The lady suddenly started coughing.  And what did Britton do?  He coughed back at her!

Lewis and I both noticed it right as soon as he did it.  The lady was oblivious.  It was hilarious.

Britton has taken a liking to this bear.  He smiles when he sees it and hugs it.

Sunday before church.  He was tired.

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april said...

he is getting so big! give him besitos from his favorite tia!