Monday, December 28, 2009

39 weeks, inside/outside, and Christmas 2009

Argh.  I have been meaning to blog and just have not had time.  I have no 38 week pics because that was when Britton was at my Mom and Dad's. They did take pics but I don't have them yet.  They should be super cute because they dressed Britton in his coveralls and took him to the Gin.  The pics are of him in the cotton and with the modules.

He had a GREAT time with them.  I met my mom in Childress on Wednesday and he looked so big!  This was also the first time that I really noticed that he looks a lot like me.  I mean, people tell me all the time he looks like me, and I agree, heck, I popped him out, he better look at least a little like me!  But not seeing him for a few days really made me notice how MUCH he favors me.  He is a good combination of me and Lewis.I am so glad that Britton got some alone time with his grandparents.  They are already looking forward to keeping him again this summer!

I also missed recognizing Britton's inside/outside day.  Last Wednesday, Britton was 38 week and 3 days...which means he had been on the "outside" and long as he had been on the "inside, since he was born at 38 weeks and 3 days.  I had told myself not to forget to take a picture and to remember to blog about it, and I COMPLETELY forgot.  We had a blizzard in Amarillo that day, so that may have had something to do with it.

Britton's first Christmas was a white one.  We got a good amount of snow, not that he went anywhere near it. We spent Christmas Eve at the Brown's.  On Christmas morning, we got over there about 8:30am and had breakfast and then opened gifts.  Britton got a good amount of stuff.  He has so many toys.  He really didn't know what was going on, but sure liked the commotion and company.  Later that night, we had Christmas dinner, and he sampled some whipped cream (he liked), some green beans (fail, again), some mashed potatoes (eh, okay), and some bread (he liked).

Britton will be 9 months on Wednesday and I have been much more adventureous in having him taste different things.  Over the rest of the weekend, he had frozen apple slices (he liked), shredded cheese (he liked), various fruit (yay and nay), and a teeny tiny piece of beef tenderlion (fail, I think because of the richness).  He will officially start meats after his 9 mo appt and then I think his table fod palate will really like off.  He also no longer really cares for the Puffs.  He now prefers the Crunchies. They are kinda like Cheetos, but a little healthier.  He also likes the Yogurt Melts

And speaking of food, Britton likes his food cold frozen.  I'm talking slush.  It may have to do with the fact that he now has 6 (six!) teeth, but we pretty much have to put his food in the freezer to get it cold enough. The 6th tooth must have made his debut in the last few days.  My aunt was the one that pointed it out to me.  I knew he had been gnawing on things, but I hadn't noticed it had broken through.  So Britton now has his 4 front top teeth and his his 2 bottom front teeth.

Britton also is crawling a lot more. Mainly army crawling, but he has taken about 3 steps with his knees.  And today, he took himself from a tummy position to a sitting position. YAY for my big boy!  He babbles like crazy.  I think that he thinks he is really saying something. ;)

I am excited for his appointment on Wednesday.  There are no shots, but he will get weighed and measured.

And now, the pictures you have been wating for....thanks for reading my rambling, if you didn't just scroll down to this part. ;)

On all fours!!!

He has recently started "bracing" himself in the bath tub.  I think it's hilarious!

With Daddy on Christmas morning.

Mmmmm, yummy toy and yummy bib!

Mama, that's MY toy...make them give it back!!

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