Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meet Tia April and Tia Karol

My sisters finally got to see Britton again when we went to Anson last weekend. They love him and he loves them!! They both were part of the throwing the wonderful baby shower for BB and have since contributed to buying him lots of cute and useful things!

Tia April. She even got to feed Britton his veggies and she did a great job. You should see her push the stroller. She is a pro! ;)

Tia Karol. She sings and makes funny faces for Britton. I think right know he's like "WTH?" when she does this, but as he gets older, I think he's gonna find her hilarious. Karol, just don't teach him anything that will get him "pow pow" at home! ;)

And this is what happens when the two tia's are alone with Britton and "fix" his hair.
We love you Tia April and Tia Karol!!

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april said...

we love you too britton.