Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I just couldn't wait until Friday and since I missed 30 weeks.....

This is 29weeks and 3 days. I do have 30 week pictures, but they are on Lewis' camera.

Are these not so cute?!?! And don't worry, I will have plenty of Halloween pictures up next week. Britton is going to be a PIRATE!!!!

I can see why people plant their child in front of a TV. Britton was playing happily on his playmat earlier today and as soon as I turned the TV on, (which I rarely do), he scooted himself to get a birdseye view and was mesmerized by it. He was also "talking" and blowing "raspberries" to the screen. It just happened to be Wheel of Fortune and I guess he was trying tosolve the puzzle.

Here is a video I took today of Britton having his evening veggies.


april said...

i love that black outfit.

i also think that britton likes his hand more than your veggies :)

mamakrystal said...

I can't wait to see his Pirate costume!! My high school mascot were Pirates, so I have a special place for them in my heart. He's going to be adorable.

OMG, B eating his veggies is hilarious. His expression alone eating the vegatables was precious.

Happy Halloween to the happy Browns!