Monday, October 05, 2009

27 weeks

Mmmmmm, giraffe legs!

My baby has 2 teeth!!!
I worked this past weekend and hadn't seen him in almost 4 days. So I didn't even realize it until Lewis asked me if I noticed anything different about Britton.
You can barely see them brekaing through the gums, but you can definitely feel them. I started laughing when Lewis told me. It just makes me realize my baby is getting older. Wow.
This past week has been a whirlwind. I volunteered for JBF Amarillo a total of 12 hours on Wednesday and Thursday, and left for work Friday morning. I got back to DAL in time to make my commuter flight back to Amarillo, but it was delayed due to fog. They were considering cancelling it, and I really really wanted to get home, so I rented a car with 3 other passengers and we drove to Amarillo. We got in at about 3 am.
When I finally got home, I noticed Lewis had cleaned and organized the house! Holy Moly! I almost started crying I was so grateful! He even did laundry, folded it, and put it away!
Lewis even went ahead and took Britton to his mom's house so I could get some sleep. I picked him up about 1pm, and she even had lunch ready for me. I am a lucky woman!
As far as the JBF sale, I got to shop early since I volunteered. I scored some great bargains! I think it is totally worth it to voluteer and get first dibs on the merchandise. I didn't have anything to sell, since I'm saying it for future kids, but that is where I will sell when I decide to do it.
I got an outside infant swing, a baby bathseat, ANOTHER jumperoo (just cause it was such an awesome price and I can resell it higher), some foam puzzle blocks, some shape foam blocks, some Leap Frog toys, a portable restaurant high chair, some clothes, a car music mirror, a walker, and some other stuff. I would have probably gotten more if I had shopped the half price sale on Saturday, but I was gone for work.
Britton gets to see his Tia April and Tia Karol this weekend. They are going to be SHOCKED when they see how big and smart he is! ;) My mom is also having a garage sale, so I am taking some more stuff to sell and get me some extra cash!
I am enjoying being back at work. I do miss Britton, but I am glad he is getting tons of time with Lewis. And I think being with Britton ALL DAY makes Lewis appreciate me more. ;)
Britton is DOWNING four 8oz bottles a day, plus his veggies. I will be starting fruits this week and I can't wait. He is going to LOVE them! He is still sleeping like a champ...7:30pm to 7:30am. I was surprised to see that his sleep was not interrupted due to the teeth. But hey, I'm not complaining.
The weather has cooled off some. I love love love dressing Britton up in fall clothes. He looks like such a little boy versus a baby.
He is sitting up better than last week. He can stay seated for a long time if you put something in front of him that requires his concentration.
His motor skills have GREATLY improved. He reaches for EVERYTHING and grabs what he can. Britton is still a jumping fool in his jumperoo. And he can scoot backwards in the baby walker.
His 6 month shots and pediatrician appt was rescheduled for this coming Wednesday.
So stay tuned for a post about his weight and height. I am curious to see how much he has grown.

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