Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We have such great neighbors...NOT

We live in a pretty good neighborhood. Nice houses, great schools, park nearby, etc. The subdivision is called The Woodlands. Granted, we probably live in the smallest house in the area, but location, location, location! Families take walks, pets get walked, block parties, etc... It's a good place to live.

On one side of our house lives a doctor. (Who, I might add, has a housecleaner come every Tuesday). Lucky family! The things you learn when you stay home constantly! ;)

On the other side of the house, we have a single mom who has rowdy teenagers. We affectionately call their house the "white trash house. They rarely mow their lawn, their "lawn" consists mainly of patches of grass and weeds. There is trash laying around, they are the only neighbors who park all sorts of junky cars in the street in front of their house (I guess we should be glad they don't park them IN the yard!), they have loud parties, the cops have come by on several occasions....you get the gist. This is the ONLY house in the WHOLE subdivision that I have seen like this. It sticks out like a sore thumb. The house on the other side of the "white trash" house was for sale for over a year. I don't know what finally had to happen for it to sell.

Well, on Friday afternoon, Lewis came home from work and we made plans to go out to eat after he got back from his run around the neighborhood. Britton and I were already on the back patio playing, so we stayed out there while he ran. While Lewis was gone, I heard a car pull into our WT (white trash) neighbor's driveway. (Our drivewa access is through the back alley). Then I heard an argument, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was just aware of people arguing.

Fast forward...I see Lewis walk in the front door through the large living room windows. But since I'm outside, it's kinda hard to see everything and I assume he's going to change clothes and come outside to get us.

15 minutes pass. Nothing. I turn to look inside and I see Lewis on the phone. So I figure he's talking to someone and we'll leave as soon as he's done. I pick Britton up and open the back door and see a very frazzled woman sitting on our couch. Crazy, frizzy red hair in a banana clip, tattoos all over her arms, and she's crying. I immediately knew who it was even though I have only seen the woman from a distance a handful of times. I know Lewis can handle whatever it is she wants, so I go back outside with Britton and decide to wait until she leaves.

But 10 minutes later, she is NOT gone. Since I know Lewis isn't the type to treat this as a social call, I decide to go in and ask what's up. But as I walk inside, Lewis and the woman are walking out the front door. I follow with Britton in my arms and see 2 polica cars in front of her house.

Lewis talked to them a few minutes and then came back inside. We left for dinner right after that.

SO OF COURSE, I ask him what happened and he tells me the woman came around our side yard while he was drinking from the garden hose and told him he had to help her. She said she had been hiding in our garage (which Lewis left open!) from her live-in ex-boyfriend who wanted to beat her up.

And to think Britton and I were in the backyard, just yards away from this crazy woman!

Lewis called 911 and asked the lady why she didn't call 911. She said she was scared to call because last time she called, SHE was the one arrested because she has an outstanding warrant. And her boyfriend at the time stole all her furniture while she was in jail.


Lewis said she was crying and apologizing for not mowing her lawn, and she knows no one respects her, blah blah blah....She was drunk. Oh, and she told Lewis that she knew "his wife" was going to mad she was there. Whatever! I'm more likely to be mad she HID in OUR garage!!

When we got back from dinner, one cop car was still there.

But we haven't heard a peep from over there since. We'll see how long it lasts.


Stacey said...

OH MY WORD!!!! I can't believe she was in your garage! Hopefully she will be embarrassed enough to stay low and stay away. By the way, most cities have ordinances on how long your grass can be. ie, no longer than 5 inches. They will even come out and measure. I'm just sayin. :)

Tiffany said...

W-O-W. i have no words.