Monday, August 10, 2009

19 weeks and SOLIDS!!

At Britton's 4 month appointment, the pediatrician suggested starting solids.

Rice and Oatmeal at 4 months, working up to three times a day.

Veggies at 5 months, starting with the yellow and orange veggies, followed by green veggies.

Fruits at 6 months.

And Meats at 9 months.

It is quite exciting, but on the other hand, it will be ANOTHER learning curve for me and Britton. Just when I think I have the hang of his eating habits, we have to go and change them.

So today, I decided to feed him rice cereal before his 3pm bottle.

Here is how it went, in picture form:

Yum, doesn't it look appetizing? NOT.

All nice and clean and ready with a bib.

He was a pro at taking the spoon. I couldn't get it to him fast enough!

Hmmmm, I think he likes it!

Hurry Mama! I want more!!

Okay, I'm over it! Get this thing off me and get me my bottle!
Overall, I think Britton's first experience with solids went very well.
I did learn a lesson, though. Do not put the bowl of cereal within his arms reach or he will try to smack it! I barely averted a messy floor!
It is going to be so fun to see his reactions to the different foods in the coming months!


bobcatsteph said...

Cute pictures! Has he had any constipation or gas issues since starting the cereal? We had to stop for a week because Caroline had such bad gas.

Stacey said...

fun fun fun! Have your video camera ready when you start the veggies... whose faces are the funniest.

CB said...

He is so cute! I remember those days of getting them to learn to eat from the spoon and the whole, wacking the bowl or the spoon!! Good luck, I am sure he'll be a pro before you know it!! Do you mind if I put your sight on my blog...I know you are private, so I can put it with my other ones!