Tuesday, July 28, 2009

17 weeks and such cuteness!

I was originally going to wait until Thursday to post, since Britton turns 4 months on the 30th.

But I just have way too much stuff to talk about!

In Britton news, I have to say that I have a most awesome child. For the last week, Britton has been sleeping 11-13 hours STRAIGHT at night. Since he sleeps so much at night, his daytime naps have shortened considerably. He takes 3 naps during the day. His morning and afternoon naps used to be 2-3 hours each. Now, those naps are an hour at the most. He takes another nap anywhere from 4 to 5 and that one lasts about 30-45 minutes.

Im my most humble opinion, I think Britton sleeps so well for 3 reasons:

1) We have a routine. Bath, giggles and PJ's, bottle, and bed. The routine begins anywhere from 7-7:15. He is asleep no later than 8pm, usually earlier. He knows what to expect and what it means.

2) I have read a few baby sleep books. My favorite one so far is "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". I have learned to read Britton's sleepy cues and know that his threshold for staying awake is 1-2 hours. I am also pretty vigialnt about preserving his naps. By this I mean that I want him to get good quality sleep in his crib. I try to schedule my errands and things outside the house to be during his awake time. This doesn't always work out, as there are some places we must be at certain times. But for the most part, Britton gets good naps in his crib.

3) I am lucky. ;)

Britton is also laughing so much more! It's so awesome to hear! He has started to cry when you leave his field of vision, but his memory must not be too long because he stops after a few seconds.

This week, I have also purchased some big items for Britton. Since we only had the Snap-N-Go for his infant seat, we will need a stroller for him for when he outgrows the infant seat. Speaking of, it will be soon! The kid is getting too heavy to lug around in it!

After several months of research and hours of time scouring the internet for the best price, I have finally purchased all three splurge, (but essiential!) items.

1) I wanted a lightweight stroller for quick trips. But I wanted extra features and I wanted a good price. My choice was the Graco Ipo in Navarro. I had it shipped to Karol since we are visiting next week and I cannot wait to use it! I test-drove Britton in it at Babies-R-Us and he loved facing forward and sitting upright! I even got 10% extra off since I went through the SWA Discount site!

2) We also need a convertible carseat for when Britton outgrows his infant seat. Like I said, it will be soon! He does not like reclining in his infant seat and does crunches trying to get out. I knew I wanted a Britax and I looked for ages to find the best price. And I finally found the diamond in the rough at this super-awesome-incredible-fabulous website called diapers.com. I bought the Britax Boulevard Click and Safe. I saved $80 on it after it was all said and done. AND I got free 2 day shipping. I cannot wait to put it in the car and buckle Britton in!

3) This is my most awesome deal I have EVER gotten. I want a jogging stroller. But I don't want a crap one. I was ready to shell out the $400 for BOB revolution. I also had considered a Mountain Buggy Urban, but those run $600 and up, and there was no way Lewis would have gone for that. I was going to wait until our trip to San Antonio to test-drive one with Britton in it. But today, the clouds parted and the angels sang and I got in on the deal of the century. I bought the Mountain Buggy Urban for $300. With a carry cot (which I can use with Baby #2). And a storm cover. And free shipping to boot!! I am so excited to start running with it since I was given the go-ahead to start working out again from my joint doctor. Britton and I have been walking around the neighborhood after his morning bottle and before his morning nap.

Lewis will be leaving for Colorado on Friday morning. My mom is coming up on Wednesday and we will be leaving for Anson on Friday as well. We are having a garage sale on Saturday. Woo Hoo to getting rid of old stuff and making some cash!

Then we are leaving for San Antonio on Sunday night or Monday morning. I can't wait! I told Lewis today that I'm glad Britton will be with me because there is NO WAY I could leave him for a whole week!

Here are some pics and a video!

Mama! You caught me sucking my thumb!!

Such cuteness!!

This face screams FRANCO to me...

ARGH!!! I will eat you Mr. Toy!!

Okay, Mama! I'm ready for our walk!!
Here's a video of Britton laughing. He laughs when I "cough", so excuse my "coughing" and the shaking of the camera. I also forgot that the camera doesn't film vertically, so forgive me. You'll see what I mean.


april said...

you are the most thrifty person i know!

b is getting so big...i cant wait to see him...and take him to the beach!

kfranco said...

wow, and i thought april was thrifty. lol.

april said...

wtf does that mean karol? just because i dont have furniture?

mamakrystal said...

you're an awesome mama! I love that video of B....he's so stinking cute! he laughs just like his mama, happy as can be!

Stacey said...

the video is adorable! Can you imagine being a parent back when there were no video cameras? I can't imagine not being able to hear that baby laugh again. SO adorable.