Monday, June 08, 2009

9 and 10 weeks

9 weeks and 4 days

9 weeks and 3 days

The crib bedding looking at the inside of the crib

The bedding looking at it from the outside. The piping on the bumpers matches the crib skirt.
My MIL made both the skirt and the bumpers.

My sweet sleeping angel.

Yep, I know. I missed posting last week about Britton's 9 weeks.

But my baby is 10 weeks old today and I am sooooo in love with this boy!

He coos, and smiles, and "talks", and just lights up my life! I give him hundreds of kisses every day and love to just stare at him while he sleeps. He loves his bouncy seat and kicks his legs and churns his arms like he's racing to go somewhere!

Britton has outgrown his Newborn clothes and his 0-3 month clothes are "just right" on him. He can even wear some 3-6 month clothes.

He attended his first wedding this past weekend. He looks so handsome in his outfit that his Grammie bought him and the brown sandals that his Tia Karol bought him. I would love to show you a picture, but I stupidly forgot to take our camera. Britton had a bottle at the beginning of the ceremony to keep him quiet. But he had the final laugh as he burped loudly at a quiet moment! The people in the row in front of us turned around to see who it was. I had no shame in pointing to Britton and ratting him out!

Britton also had his third and final shower 2 weeks ago at our church. He was given soooo many great things! We are very very very blessed and thankful to have such wonderful people in our lives who give so generously to our son.

Karol came into town for that weekend and she FINALLY got to meet her nephew. It was so awesome to see them together. Karol got the hang of changing a diaper, giving a bottle, burping, and rocking Britton to sleep really fast! She also was very patient with me and Britton and dealing with our "in and out" of the car stuff and unloading the stroller. Things take a little bit longer when you are traveling with a baby!

Grandma and Abuelito came to town that weekend as well. Britton loves having his family around!

My mom also came back during the week and we gots TONS accomplished. She helped me clean my house from top to bottom. It feels soooo good to have a clean house. We also ran errands. It is easier to do that when there are two adults. One can stay with the baby in the car if they need to.

Britton also had his 2 month pediatrician appointment. He is in the 75th precentile for both his height and his weight. He is 23.5 inches long and weighs 12 lbs 8 oz. The doctor said he looks great and was very impressed with his head control.

Britton also got his 2 months vaccinations. He got a total of 5 and he took his shots like a CHAMP! He cried for less than a minute and then slept like a log. We are also participating in a vaccine study. Britton belongs to the control group, which just means he didn't get the extra vaccine, just the normal recommended ones. I have to chart his temp and the status of his injection site. In exchange, we don't have to pay the vaccination fees and we get a gift card at every visit. Not bad for doing something we pretty much would have to do anyway, and I don't mind taking his temp and documenting his injection site status.

Overall, Britton is getting so alert and so much fun. I can't wait until he can give us some belly laughs, and roll over, and sit up on his own. He already tries to pull himself up from his carseat and he locks his knees/legs when you try to make his stand. He even stiffens up when I try to put him in the carseat some times. He HATES the carseat and screams when in it.

He's been sleeping decent. 5-7 hours is his long stretch at night. The longest he has gone is 9 hours. Our bedtime routine starts between 7 and 7:30pm and he's usually in bed by 9pm. I give him a bath, sing him some songs while bathing and drying him off, and then he gets a bottle. Sometimes I need to rock him to sleep, but for the most part he can put himself to sleep.

He loves bathtime! I can't wait until he is old enough to go in the pool and really know what is going on. I already have an inflatable pool picked out for next summer!

Lewis hung up some blackout curtains in his nursery. We have some in our bedroom and since Britton has been sleeping in there, I want to keep the same type of environment when we move him to his own room. We also sleep with white noise, so I will recreate that when we move him to the crib. So far, he's been in the bassinet by my side of the bed, but he's getting close to outgrowing it, plus he makes too much noise! He grunts and sighs and whimpers in his sleep.

Britton will be moving to his crib in his nursery in the next couple of weeks. Some friends bought us a Baby Movement Monitor and I know it will definitely give me piece of mind to have him on the other side of the house. His Grammie finished his bumpers, so we have all the bedding except for the quilt. I think it all looks great. I still need a rug, but Britton has the essientials. I even bought him a crib mobile because he loves to look at things move above him.

I didn't post all the pictures I wanted because I'm tired.. I will post more later this week.


Tiffany said...

he's getting so big! such a cutie...

i think mia has a crush...she likes older boys.


Crissybug said...

I am loving your updates. Down the road you will be so thankful for this. I haven't been good at writing things down and I go...and you have such a good record of the beginnings of little Britton's life.

Jealous of the vaccine in the world did you get that??

And that monitor...way cool.

Elisa said...

I sometimes feel like I don't document enough of his little life. :) I hope I have the time to do this with subsequent children!

My pedi's office was chosen to participate in the vaccine study and Britton met the criteria so they asked if we wanted to.

As for the monitor, I'm loving it. We only use it for naps right now since he naps in the crib during the day but sleeps in the bassinet at night.

I'm jealous of your pool!!