Friday, February 06, 2009

Some vents, some gratefulness...

Here are the vents:

1) My belly is cumbersome. I feel like a turtle on its back when I lay down, even though I can only manage to lie down on my sides. It takes so much effort to get up. By the time I finally do get both feet on the floor, I'm out of breath and my pubic bone hurts!

2) I have realized I breathe much too loudly for my taste. I hate the way it sounds. My lungs feel like they have shrunk.

3) I am on a trip as I write this post. I can guarantee you this is my last trip. I am definitely not comfortable on the plane: bending, squatting up and down, just moving in a confined space in general. Flight attendant friends told me I would "just know" when to go out on leave. I now know that they meant. I made it 31 weeks. I think it is an accomplishment considering some girls go out as soon as they find out they are pregnant.

4) I am working the center position on the aircraft on this trip. This means I prepare my tray in the back and serve the middle of the plane, even though I take off and land in the front. As I was walking to the back galley to prepare another tray for drink service, I unconsciously put my left hand under my belly, while holding the tray in my right. It's something I find myself doing alot (the hand to belly thing, not walking around witha tray!). Maybe it's a protective thing when I feel something might hit or bump the baby. I was mortified to feel some bare skin instead of the tank top I wear under my uniform shirt. I hope not too many people saw skin. I am now constantly tugging my shirt down. Just one more sign it's time to get of the plane.

5) I have had more people tell me I look great/just right in the last week than I have had tell me I look huge. I have also heard a lot of "You are glowing!" comments. It must be from all the extra blood flowing through my veins, My face is flushed and my body could double as a road map for a small country, given the size and number of blue veins all over my pasty white skin.

6) I worry I will outgrow all my maternity clothes before BB gets here. That will really depress me. It will make me feel even more like a hippo than I already do.

And here are things I am grateful for:

7) My husband told me something that made me cry today. It was a good kind of cry, though. He told me he went out with some of his guy friends for dinner and he bragged about what a great wife he had.
a) I don't know what he specifically bragged about.
b) I didn't know guys "talked" about their wives when together.
c) It makes me tear up to even think about it again.
(FYI lots of things make me cry lately. Sometimes I don't even know WHY I am crying).

8) Even though it sounds like I am complaining in the first 6 things posted, I am truly thankful that Lewis and I are being blessed with a child. I can endure anything (and I know there is more to come!) as long as we have a healthy baby!


Crissybug said...

Good for you for lasting so long. I think with Thomas I stayed 'online' for a while, but wasn't working. Then right before I was 35 weeks I worked a piddly turn...I couldn't imagine working an actual trip.

I hope you enjoy your time off. Relax and get ready for your beautiful baby.

Tiffany said...

the first time somebody told me that i was glowing, i laughed at them and said it was because my face was so gross and oily. i feel like a teenager again with how disgusting my face has been!