Monday, February 16, 2009

It's the principle of the matter.

The grocery store that I shop at has two spaces available for new moms/expectant moms. I had been avoiding using these spaces because I don't mind walking and figured there was some poor woman who needed them more than I did.

In the last few weeks, if they are available, I use them. More often than not, they are taken when I arrive at the store. Oh well, such is my luck.

Today, as I drove in, both spaces were taken.

"No biggie, I'm thinking, I can park about 3 spaces down. And really, it's not like it's going to kill me to walk 20 extra feet."

But that all changed as I was walking by the parking space and see an obese man get into the car parked in the "mom" parking space. He was alone, so it's not like he was toting small children. And here I am waddling with the BB doing the salsa inside me.

I couldn't help myself and just HAD to say something to him.

Me: Wow, you do realize you are taking away a parking space from someone who may really need it.

Man: Umm, yeah, I guess.

Me: You guess? You're not even pregnant or hauling small kids with you. What about the mom who really needs this parking space?

Man: Oh well.

And he got in his car and left. Granted, he did look a tiny bit sheepish, but seriously, what a lazy mooch.

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Tiffany said...

i am SO glad that you said something!