Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Brown's Baby Shower

Lewis and I are so blessed with wonderful friends and family who love us and already love BB.

I would like to give a big Thank You to my sisters, April and Karol, and my mom, for planning and executing such a wonderful shower! And thank you to all who attended/thought about us on this special day!

Posted are just a few pictures of items we have received to date. I don't think I have the patience to post every single thing. :) And I'm pretty sure you don't have the patience to see every single thing, either. :)

The cake! Isn't it cute? Karol chose the pattern.
It was one of 3 desserts. We also had chocolate cheesecake, raspberry/vanilla cheesecake, and fruit pizza. Karol makes a mean fruit pizza. :)

The frame my mom put together showing the future daddy and momma, and the only picture we have so far of BB.

My dad bought me a balloon bouquet for the occasion. I loved it!

The dessert/favor table.
I didn't realize until after everyone left that we forgot to give the candy gift favors out!

Lewis and Me with my sister Karol.
She flew in Friday morning. We ran several errands that day and we probably had no less than 5 strangers ask if we were sisters. I guess we look alike. :)

Lewis and I cutting the cake.

Opening gifts.

A family friend has so generously offered to let us use this bassinet for the first few weeks of BB's life. Isn't it the cutest, most adorable thing?!?!?

Side view of adorable bassinet.

The used glider and ottoman we got a FABULOUS deal on!
If I get around to getting a slipcover, great. If not, then oh well.

A swing and bouncer that my friend Stephanie gave us back in January.

The carseat we will be using.
Another generous gift from my friend Stephanie.
I also used some BabiesRUs gift cards to get the stroller frame.
Lewis and I didn't want a huge travel system, so this will work for us until BB no longer uses the infant seat. We will choose a stroller later.

A playmat and other toy, courtesy of my friend Stephanie.

Isn't this the cutest?!?
Our friend Freddie made this and stuffed the can with 4 receiving blankets. The picture does not even do it justice! Freddie is a scrapbooking king so I hope to have him teach me how to scrapbook. I'm not exactly sure what I will put in the can. Someone suggested putting a slit in it and using it as a bank, but I'm open to suggestions if you have any!

And of course, no child of Lewis would be caught without a camoflauge blanket!
Be it boy or girl, camo is unisex in our house!

A few clothing items. They are so teeny and cute!

Duck Pajamas!

I've been told you can never have enough diapers.
My mom had a "diaper drive" at her school for BB.
Yay Grandma Franco!

My favorite bib for BB.
All in all, it was a wonderful day. I loved seeing my family and friends and it is such a great feeling to know how much support Lewis and I have bringing Baby Brown into the world.
It is also surreal to think that in about 6 weeks, BB will be here! I can't wait!!!


Tiffany said...

i cannot wait to meet BB! it's coming so soon!

Crissybug said...

Looks like you got alot of great and useful stuff! I have the EXACT same glider, and LOVE it! It is so comfortable. I only wish that the arm rests were padded.

BB will be here before you know it!

Elisa said...

I decided I could live without the padded armrests because of the FABULOUS deal we got on the glider. It is a Best Chairs, Inc brand and we got it used for a fraction of retail. It is in great condition. Just yesterday, a family friend offered to recover the cushions as her baby gift to us. We decided on a nice demin that will hold up well to wear and tear and be dark enough to hide dirt. I think demin will also be easy to incorporate with a girl or boy witha few details.