Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just an update...

I guess it's been a while since I've updated. I have worked the last two weeks and didn't take my laptop on either trip. It is SUCH a hassle to cart it around the country and deal with it at security. And if you know how much I like my internet access, then you know it HAS to be a big enough hassle for me to leave it at home. :) I can do a couple of small internet things from my new cell phone, but nothing big.

As for work, I have felt awesome on the plane. Just a tiny bit of stiffness in my hands, but NOTHING like it was before. I honestly cannot for the life of me fathom what triggers the inflammation. But for the last two weeks, I've felt great! I keep thinking I will start my maternity leave from flying "next week". But then it turns into, "well, maybe the next week after this week". I know I am going to miss flying. People seem so surprised to see a pregnant flight attendant on the plane. But lately, they have made nice comments and wish me a happy and healthy baby.

I have another baby appointment this Thursday and then I will start seeing my OB every two weeks rather than every four weeks. BB is very into "rolling" these days. It is quite incredible to see my belly do the wave. I love love love feeling BB move inside me. I don't feel as huge as I used to feel. But that may just mean I've gotten used to seeing what I see in the mirror.

January has seemed to fly by. I can't believe it is almost February! February will be a busy month for both me and Lewis. We are taking a childbirth class and a "Happy Baby" class next month. I am also taking a breastfeeding class, and Lewis will be a taking a "Daddy Boot Camp" class. Our baby shower is also planned for a February weekend. Plus, I am taking a quilting class on one Saturday. I also hope to take advantage of some pre-natal yoga and water aerobic classes that the hospital offers during the week. Hmmm, afer reading all that, and knowing what's in store, it will probably make sense to start my maternity leave sooner rather than later. :)

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Janelle said...

Very important classes. We missed them all. Someone was on a different schedule. It all worked out all right. Have fun though. All are very educational I hear. Sounds like the "mommy/daddy" intuition has already hit. Not long now. Glad you're feeling better. Strange how those little people inside can make such an impact on mommy!