Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008: A Review

I have seen this concept on several blogs that I follow.

"Concept" being using photos to do a quick synopsis of the previous year.

Fine and dandy, if you have photos every month. I have come to the realization that Lewis and I don't take a lot of pictures. That has got to change in 2009!

So here goes, with what applicable photos I have:

January 2008

We brought in 2008 at the Cruz House. Lewis and I also attended one of those ginormous Bridal Shows with my mom, April, and my MIL. We found our cake vendor and DJ there. We also secured our Celebration location this month.

February 2008

Engagement photos were taken by Davy Knapp. This was soooo much fun! My bridal shower was also this month and the invitations were finalized. We figured out what flowers were were using and I was in the midst of taking a calligraphy class.

March 2008

I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Pictured are the dozen roses Lewis got me. This was a crazy month with lots of last minute wedding stuff getting done. Dress fittings, veil finding, addressing and sending invitations, hair and make-up trials, and confirmation meetings with wedding vendors. We even managed to fit in a trip to Anson to visit my parents this month.

April 2008

Lewis and I were married!! We got massages a couple of days before the wedding and had a lovely rehearsal dinner/meet&greet for our immediate families at the High Ranch on the 11th, which was also my sister's birthday. We were married on the 12th and had a lovely intimate reception that evening. The whole experience was just what we wanted. Later in the month, we held a Celebration for friends and extended family involving dinner, drinks, and dancing.

May 2008

Our first month as newlyweds. It was a welcome slow month. Lewis and I made a trek to Anson. No more separate bedrooms! :)

June 2008
Lewis turns 36. He takes a "guy's trip" to Colorado to go fishing and I work my tush off since I had been slacking due to wedding planning. At the end of the month, we take a weekend trip to Dallas to visit Spencer and Todd. While there, we also go to my cousin's "at home reception" after she was married in Key West.

July 2008

July is always the month of my annual family reunion. We went to Anson over the 4th of July weekend. Two weeks later, on the 19th, my brother got married. At end of the month, Lewis went to Las Vegas for a work convention and I flew out to meet him. We stayed at Mandalay Bay and it was awesome! July was a BUSY month!

August 2008

We found out we were expecting a baby! I took a pregnancy test on August 4th in Boise, ID. It was positive!
(I told you July was a busy month) **heehee**
Lewis and I also took a trip to lake of the Ozarks with our friends Robin and Aaron. They are expecting a baby girl in February 2009.

September 2008
Dove season opens. We saw the baby's heartbeat this month, too.
October 2008

Lewis had shoulder surgery. We also got to hear BB's heartbeat for the first time. April came into town and we went to a haunted house and walked/ran in a 5K. At the end of the month, Lewis and I flew to Dallas for the Southwest Spirit Party.
November 2008

Lewis got a new truck. (which reminds me, I have not posted about that!). We also got our 20 week ultrasound and got to see BB! Thanksgiving was spent in Anson with my parents and my sisters. This was also the month that others besides me could feel BB move!
December 2008

Lewis and I went to Anson/Abilene to see my sister graduate from Physical Therapy School. Pheasant season also opened on December 6. During the middle of the month, both of Lewis' parents were in the hospital for unrelated reasons. April came into town for Christmas and helped me clean the house and start setting up the nursery. The "actual" Brown Christmas was postoned until January.
The year ended with Lewis and I in bed well before midnight. It's been a wonderful year and we can't wait to see what 2009 will bring!


mamakrystal said...

Awwww, this is really cute. Maybe I'll do this, since I haven't posted in forever!!!!!!!

slarrabee said...

E- Ok. This is adorable and it also got me caught up on your most recent goings on. By the way, you don't look very big to me. I have to take back the 'industrial oven' comments ... you're not the rinky-dink toaster oven you are the medium size uber reliable convection oven!

Too cute and nice to see the dimple master Lewis again. Your baby is going to too cute for its own good!

See you soon in Chi ...sort of,
Susan L