Friday, January 30, 2009

30 weeks

This is what I see when I look down:

This is what other people see:

I don't feel as huge as in weeks past, but I did have an OB appointment yesterday and I had quite a significant weight gain. BB is certainly growing in spurts! I guess that's what I get for only gaining 1 poind at the previous appointment. I'm still in the "normal" range, but the number on the scale still terrifies me. But obviously it doesn't terrify me enough because I had two desserts at Lewis' work awards banquet last night. :::And before you "tsk, tsk" me, they were small desserts!:::

BB is doing great. It is already head down, but that could change between now and its arrival. I can definitely feel little fists and elbows, and knees and feet dig into me. It's quite an unusual feeling that I can't find words to describe the sensation. My doctor pointed out the head, the spine, and the butt. According to the "growth" emails I get every week, BB weighs about 3 lbs and is a little over 15 inches long.

I passed my gestational diabetes test and am now scheduled to see the doctor every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. I think at 36 weeks, I begin to see her once a week. I am not yet on official maternity leave at work, but I will most likely stop flying in mid-February. I already know I am going to miss work.

Sleeping is getting more difficult. It is not only cumbersome to turn to different sides, it takes me a while to get comfortable once I am able to flip over. Which by then, it feels like I just ran a a mile. I miss sleeping on my stomach and my back. Thank goodness for my Snoogle pillow, which was a gift from my incredible sister Karol!

Only 10 weeks left! It's incredible how fast the time has flown by!

***I am so sorry I forgot to call my niece Liz last night and wish her a happy birthday! I hope your 80's Party goes great!!***

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Jennifer said...

Your in the final stretch now!! You are super cute!!