Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

The latest craze on Facebook is to post 25 random things about yourself. I have really enjoyed reading what my friends have written.

Here are 25 random things about me.

1. I really, really like my job a lot. I will never quit. And yes, I realize I will love my kid more than my job, but I will still never quit. I'll just fly less.

2. I knew, however subconciously, that I would marry Lewis some day. This makes more sense if you know we met in the Fall of 1994. We both dated all kinds of "winners" between then and June 2006, when we actually began dating each other.

3. I was really really good at long distance track and cross country running in HS, way back in the day. That's how I ended up at ACU.

4. I never had not even a SIP of alcohol in HS. I was terrified my mom would find out...and do what? Ground me? I never went anywhere anyway, unless it was school related.

5. My gut feeling is that this baby I am carrying is a boy.

6. My favorite burritos are refried beans and cheese, with just a touch of sour cream.

7. I love singing at church even if I can't carry a tune in a bucket. So don't sit in the row ahead of me. :)

8. I honestly couldn't care less what kind of car I drive, as long as it's safe and reliable.

9. My closest friends live far away from me. I wish that were not the case. College and my job will do that.

10. My favorite pizza toppings are mushroom, fresh tomatoes, and either green or black olives.

11. The most emotionally painful thing I ever did, was the best thing I ever did for myself, to date.

12. I am a big believer in that one teaches people how to treat them.

13. People who cannot spell correctly or use improper grammar grate on my nerves. I'm not talking typical typos, but more like using "loose" for "lose" or "alter" for "altar", etc...

14. I love watching old home videos. They make me laugh, they make me cringe, but I could watch them over and over and over.

15. If this baby is a girl, she WILL get her ears pierced as an infant, no matter what her Daddy may say.

16. Up until less than a month ago, my phone did not have internet or take pictures.

17. I miss living in STL more than I thought I would. I miss it even now, which I thought my "missing it" feelings would wane after some time. I miss my friends, my gym, hockey, shopping/eating/entertainment choices, and a shorter commute.

18. But I would never trade what I have with Lewis to go back to STL.

19. I hope we don't stay in Amarillo the rest of our lives.

20. I played roller hockey in STL for 5 years. I LOVED it and I was good at it. :)

21. I have to sleep with at least 2 pillows. This goes for pre-pregnancy as well.

22. I have awesome parents and siblings. And I completely lucked out with a great MIL and FIL.

23. I have one of those faces that can betray my feelings without me ever saying a word.

24. I love snow skiing and am sad I haven't been in almost 3 years.

25. My favorite piece of makeup is eyeliner. And I didn't even start wearing it until 3 years ago


Tiffany said...

you just made me want a burrito.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Have you and Lewis thought about names for the baby?

Loved the comment you left. BTW, our doorways are not big enough!

I told Rick you said to call him "Magnovox". His head seemed to get bigger as he agreed with me by putting a big smile on his face!

Jennifer said...

I totally agree with #12!!