Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Officially "plane" pregnant.

Since I have found out that I am pregnant, very very very few people on the plane have made any mention of it. I should add that the maternity uniform I wear at work makes me look more pregnant than I really am. I should really post a picture of me in it.

But anyways...

Today, after not working for 2 weeks, I SWEAR at least 3 people on every flight made a comment about my belly. Some nice, some neutral, and one not very nice.

Most want to know when I am due. Some want to know if it's a boy or girl. Some want to know how far along I am. And some want to tell me that I look much bigger than I should be at this point. Um, thanks. NOT.

At least no one reached out to touch my belly.



Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

People can be so rude!! It's usually the people that trully have no clue anyway.

Janelle said...

People can be so inappropriate! Seriously, she is lacking the mental filter. The touching is undoubtedly on it's way. There are just some people that cannot resist a baby bump rub.