Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankgiving Wrap Up

Lewis and I went to my parent's house for Thanksgiving. We came back on Saturday so we would have Sunday to adjust ourselves at home before Lewis goes to work on Monday. I don't like getting home from our of town late one night and having to go back to the work routine the very next morning. Plus, we were able to attend the church service at our home church.

My parents do not have cable TV and do not have internet access at their house. My sister Karol did have her Sprint internet card, and we used it briefly, but for the most part, we were "out of it" when it came to technology access. At least they have electricity and running water and heat! :)

It's not as bad as it may sound. Lewis especially likes going to my parent's because he can unwind and decompress and just chill. I suppose he could do that at home as well, but he is always finding something to do in the yard or the garage or around the house. Usually at my parent's, we watch dvd's, home videos, talk, go to Abilene, hang out, or do non-internet related work on the computer.

It was also kinda weird that Lewis and I could retire to the same bedroom at the end of the night. We've been married since April, but we've only been to my parent's house twice since then. So it still feels strange to be able to sleep in the same bed while at their house.

The Thanksgiving meal was yummy. We had the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and had my mom's yummy Mexican food for our other meals. It is funny to realize that meals make up a lot of our visits to my parent's. My mom is one of those moms who, amongst other things, shows her love by cooking for you and making sure your belly is full!

My sisters April and Karol were there as well, even though we didn't get to see April until Friday night. She is finishing up her last PT clinical and will graduate from the Physical Therapy Program at HSU in a couple of weeks. Lewis and I will be returning to Abilene for her graduation. It was somewhat ironic that we saw a video of her leaving for her first day of Kindergarten and here she is, less than 2 wks away from her final graduation. Yay to my little sister, "Pinnie"!! :)

My sister Karol was just as crazy as ever. ;) And I mean that in the most loving way. Karol has always been the "loca" in our family. She laughs and laughs and can dish out a sarcastic comment with the best of them. It was nice to have her home for the holidays since she's missed that last few family get-togethers. And of course, we all got to see her childhood antics on the home videos we watched.

My brother Ricky, along with Michelle and the kids, were not able to join us. I don't think they will make it home for Christmas, either, but hopefully we will get to see them at the beginning of the new year. We did speak to him on the phone. He mentioned that Dominique got a new winter coat since he accidentally got to close to the fireplace at our wedding rehearsal dinner in April and the coat caught on fire. He was okay and never in any real danger, but it was a comical moment.

I also found out last week that two of my cousins are expecting babies! One is due in June and they other in July! I am so excited for all the new little babies that will be crawling around next year! I know my aunts and uncles are excited to become grandparents!

As for this week, I have two doctor's appts. Tomorrow, I am seeing a specialist on the referral of my OB regarding the results of my blood work that was taken because of my joint pain. And on Friday, we have our regular 22 wk OB appt. I will probably be posting a 22 wk baby bump pic because let me assure you, my bump is DEFINITELY bigger than it was at 18wks. :) If you look at the first belly picture I took at 7 weeks and then look at my belly now, it is a HUGE difference. And I know it's only going to get bigger. It is amazing how fast it evolves into a pregnancy belly!

I actually saw my shirt move at church today. BB was kicking and I looked down and all of a sudden, my shirt moved the slightest bit. It made me laugh out loud! I told Lewis to put his hand in the spot where I saw it, but then of course, the BB stopped kicking. It won't be too long now until he can feel it!

Also, I would like to say hello to my cousin, Susie, since I now know she is reading this blog.

**Hi Susie!!**

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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