Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet our little BB!!

Isn't the BB just the most precious thing!?!?

We had the 20 week ultrasound today. It was so cool to see the BB. The sono tech told us BB was looking perfect! It weighs 11 oz and measures 20w 6d. A little ahead of my calculations, but we're just thrilled all looks good! I was also told I have a beautiful placenta. Wow, that's one I haven't ever heard before. :)

As for the sex, we didn't find out. For real. I promise! So it'll be in April when we finally know whether we have a BB or a Lady BB! The tech did take a picture of the "goods" so we can have it for the baby book, but we won't get it until after the birth.

I could have stared at the screen showing BB all freaking day! BB was pretty active and it kept opening and closing its mouth. Uh oh, we may have a talker on our hands! Guess who he gets that from?!?!?

Speaking of, did you notice the nose? *grin* I love it!

We also got a picture of BB giving us the "thumbs up" sign. I think my sister is going to interpret it as a "gig'em!" sign and convince her the BB is a future Aggie!

Lewis was very astute about what we were seeing on the screen. He could make out the different images before the tech could even explain them. As for me, well, I could only accurately make out the easy stuff, like the head...just because it's round!

I'm so relieved that BB is progressing along perfectly. I have been feeling movement more and more and I can't wait until Lewis can feel it, too.

Today was a great day!


Janelle said...

That is so awesome. Congrats on the restraint to not find out the sex. It really looks like a wave but either way it's a "hey guys"

Jennifer said...

You must be so excited!!!