Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Internet friends and a TAG

You know, it's really a small world we live in. I have a group of internet buddies that I "talk" to almost everyday. I wish so bad we all lived close to one another so we could get together in person. I know it sounds crazy to say I love these girls, but I do! We provide each other with entertainment, support, advice, and sometimes a good dose of reality.

When I see something with a squirrel or owl, I automatically think of the two girls who love those animals. When I fly through certain cities, I automatically wonder what the ones who live there are doing. When I think of a lawyer, a certain one comes to mind. When I think chef, another. When I wonder about something pregnancy related, I know the other pregnant ladies will understand. When I need someone to understand the Mexican in me, I know one of them will know exactly what I mean.

Sometimes it feels like I know these girls and what is going on in their lives so intimately. Heck, I even have some of their cell phone numbers in my phone! A few of them read my blog and have it linked to their own, which only opens up the "blog world" even more.

One of these link's was clicked on by Janelle. And she tagged me on a meme about what I am thankful for. Janelle lives in what she considers a frozen tundra. She's more of a warm weather girl. :) She's also a new blogger so click on her link and pay her blog a visit!

As for the meme:

6 Things I am Thankful For:

1. My husband, Lewis.
I cannot imagine anyone else better suited for me. He is patient. He is thoughtful. He is calm. He is intelligent. He is a great man. He is fair. I love him more than life itself. And I am so glad he will be the father of our children.

2. My family.
My parents have been 100% supportive all my life, even through my not-so-smart times. I see other familes who have such turmoil, and I am grateful we stick together. We don't always see eye to eye, but I know in my heart that my parents, my brother, and my sisters will always be there when/if I need them. I also lucked out big time with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. Wonderful people who have so awesomely accepted me into their family.

3. My growing baby.
It is amazing how much you can love someone who you haven't even met yet! I'm so glad we were able to get pregnant sooner, rather than later, and that this baby is a baby that has been planned all along for Lewis and me. So many people wait with so much love for its arrival!

4. My Job.
I love my job! The number one thing I love about it is the flexibility it offers me. Flexibilty to work more or work less. But it also helps provide for our family and offers us the ability to travel. I like not being in an office with the same people, day in and day out. I like meeting new people every day I am flying. I like that I can leave the airplane at the end of the day and "not have to take it with me." "It" being drama and paperwork. It offers wonderful insurance and lots of great company perks.

5. My God.
The One who created it all and the One who loves us so much He gave up His only son. I fail so many times at living by His example, but with His grace and mercy, I am still His daughter.

6. My Life.
It's so good. I am truly blessed and surrounded with friends, family, and love. I have food, I have shelter, I have my health. I would not change a thing.

And in conclusion, I tag 6 others.

Crystal A fellow stew who was in training class with me. She lives on the surface of the sun (aka Phoenix) with her hubby and 3 kids

Lindsay One of my internet girls who hopes for a baby very soon!

Krystal aka MamaK! She can cook like a madwoman and is in the midst of renovating her new house in the OC!

Shannon Someone I found though someone else's blog. She and her husband are the proud parents of the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen!

Tracey A "blast from the past" friend. Lots of good times we spent together during pledging.

Get cracking ladies!!!


Janelle said...

Love the "I'm Thankfulls". It is amazing the love you have for someone you're not even able to hold yet, oh, but when you do, it multiplies indefinitely.
Of course I am going to Twilight - pre-purchased my ticket today.......and you I assume?

Kar said...

silly blogspot users :) come over to wordpress!! I don't write in it much but I still have a blogger account :)

Shannon De Leon said...

I did my list! I can't believe how long it took me, even with such a simple list! Thanks for thinking of me :)

And good for you for waiting to find out! My willpower was just NOT strong enough!

Jennifer said...